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Item #: SCP-2052

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2052 is currently stored in a standard vacuum chamber at Site-██. Sides A and B have been dyed red and blue, respectively, for ease of identification. When not involved in approved experimentation, SCP-2052 must be laid flat inside the vacuum chamber, with side A facing upwards. SCP-2052 must not be exposed to pressures above 0.5 Pascals at any time.

The primary containment vessel is stored in secondary containment vault 2052-C2. 2052-C2 is equipped with three type-B vacuum pumps, and a set of four protective suits suitable for working inside a vacuum, allowing SCP-2052 to be removed from its primary containment vessel. Removal from primary containment is only permitted for the purposes of approved experimentation or scheduled maintainence of the primary containment vessel.

Researchers handling SCP-2052 must ensure that no portions of the fabric facing the same direction become overlapping at any point, except when done intentionally as part of an approved experiment.

Description: SCP-2052 is a 12-centimeter square of silk cloth. Physical forces applied through SCP-2052 do not comply with Newton's third law of motion.1 Forces applied to side B are opposed by a force roughly 810 times greater, rather than the equal force predicted by conventional physics. Conversely, any forces applied to side A are opposed by a force reduced by a factor of 810. Analysis of internal compression of SCP-2052 has determined that the anomalous effect occurs instantaneously at a plane 30 micrometers below side A.

Overlapping layers of SCP-2052 are capable of applying the anomalous effect cumulatively, resulting in an exponential increase of the amplification factor. In the event that three or more layers overlap while facing the same direction, the weight of SCP-2052 can threaten the integrity of supporting structures (see incident log 2052-I-3).

When exposed to typical atmospheric pressures, pressure imbalances will propel SCP-2052 in the direction of side B. SCP-2052 will fly erratically and at high speed, until impacting a solid obstacle capable of resisting pressures of 82 MPa.2

Discovery Log: SCP-2052 came to the Foundation's attention when automated webcrawler CASIMIR-J87 detected anomalous watch-phrases in a YouTube video, archived as 2052-V-1, posted by user "TeslaFyMe" (later identified as Kyle Wathers of Huddersfield, UK). Previous uploads from this account consist of 113 videos, primarily centered around the testing and refinement of alleged free-energy and perpetual motion devices. Foundation researchers reviewing the footage determined that none of the devices shown in prior videos produced anomalous behavior. CASIMIR-J87 successfully removed 2052-V-1 before any users viewed it.

87% of uploads on Wathers' account contain references to another user by the name of "Discord_33", with whom Wathers appears to have shared a personal friendship. Videos on this account employ a variety of face and voice disguising technologies that have prevented the Foundation from determining the user's identity. Content is typically of a theoretical nature, and includes several lectures on engineering techniques which are known to the Foundation to produce anomalous effects. These lectures are worded in ways that prevented detection by CASIMIR-J87, apparently by design. Investigation into possible leaks in the CASIMIR program is ongoing.

Upon discovery of their anomalous content, Foundation agents attempted to delete all videos posted by user Discord_33, but found that they had already been deleted.

Recovery Log: At 10:15 AM 8/7/20██, shortly before the arrival of Foundation agents, local police responded to reports of a series of loud explosions in Wathers' neighborhood. Foundation operatives administered class-C amnestics to all witnesses, and planted cover stories explaining the damage as the result of a natural gas leak. Investigation confirmed that the damage began in a garage identified as the one appearing in 2052-V-1. SCP-2052-1 was still present, and had a large puncture consistent with pressures of 82 MPa applied over a limited area. SCP-2052 appears to have exited through the west-facing wall, and followed a flight path passing through three nearby houses, a telephone pole, and an SUV, in unknown order before impacting the ground and coming to a stop at a depth of 3 meters. Only minor injuries were reported. Forensic analysis indicates that this event lasted approximately 7 seconds.

Foundation recovery teams were able to transfer SCP-2052 to a vacuum chamber for transport to Site-██. SCP-2052-1 was also recovered; however, researchers were unable to reproduce its anomalous effects.

Foundation spyware installed on Wathers' laptop succeeded in activating the attached webcam and recording for the duration of the event.

Addendum 2052-A-1: On 11/26/20██, hostile forces attempting to seize SCP-████ assaulted Site-██ using four steel slabs of mass 2.4 x 104 kg, which possessed properties similar to SCP-2052. Three of these objects were recovered by the hostile forces, and the remaining one self-destructed and could not be recovered for analysis. The investigation into Kyle Wathers and his associate has been upgraded to a level-3 priority.

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