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Comparison between Sol System and Theta-c System.

Item #: SCP-2047

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2047 is to be held in a containment chamber which utilizes a Faraday mesh in its construction to block incoming or outgoing radio signals. SCP-2047 is to be monitored for radio communications. Any radio signals, or changes in the intensity of light sourcing from SCP-2047 are to be reported immediately to the site director.

MTF Omega-4 "Foreign Exchange Students" is to monitor major astronomical centers and public communications for claims relating to details of the SCP-2047-1 event or its effects. Amnestics are to be administered to any non-Foundation personnel possessing knowledge of anomalous data in relation to the SCP-2047-1 event. MTF Omega-4 is also to monitor and contain any spacetime anomalies resulting from event 2047-1, as well as displaced biomass, non-Euclidean intersections of terrain, and transplanted matter.

Description: SCP-2047 is a hollow iron sphere with a 40 cm diameter, covered in language originating from Theta-c. These inscriptions describe the process that occurs in Event 2047-A, as a warning system for the target planet. The surface of SCP-2047 has so far proved unnaturally resistant to attempts to open or cut into the cavity inside. Scans of SCP-2047's innards only reveal the basic outline for advanced machinery. Nothing is understood about how SCP-2047 functions or how it is capable in assisting in Event 2047-A, other than to relay a radio signal back to Theta-c.

Event Log 2047-A-1973:

Day 1, 7/13/1973: At 00:01:01, Earth and an exoplanet designated Theta-c undergo an exchange of spatial position. Earth is deposited in Theta-c's previous solar system, while Theta-c takes Earth's spot in the old Sol System. The process occurs instantaneously. No contact can be established with the lunar Minerva project. (See Supplement 2047-E for information on Theta-c.)

Day 2, 7/14: Radio transmission is relayed through SCP-2047 at 01:32:57, via its spatial anomaly and multi-locational existence. Radio transmissions are initially audible and are initiated in an unknown language (presumed to be one of those used on Theta-c). Over the next 12 hours, the language converts into increasingly fluent English, until full communications between Earth and Theta-c are established. Theta-c's "interstellar exchange program" is first described. The Foundation requests a reversal of Event 2047-A. Theta-c responds with denial.

Day 113, 11/1 : Knowledge of Event 2047-A eventually spreads over the first two weeks. The Foundation has no viable method of hiding the knowledge of the cosmic shift. Religious institutions experience a peak in attendance, and some reform their values to accommodate for this event, while others dissipate entirely. No knowledge of the existence of other sentient life reaches the public. As news of the loss of the Minerva project reaches the public, however, general anxiety increases. Foreign relations between major powers become strained as the United States, Soviet Union, and China enter a space race to explore the new solar system. The Middle East experiences a non-violent wave of protests and demonstrations in response to the upheaval of the known world, and unrest with their civil governments. Containment efforts by the Foundation are beginning to become problematic due to the Foundation's use of resources on continued efforts to prevent societal collapse. Requests to Theta-c for assistance are denied. (See Supplement 2047-F for information on previous exploration of the solar system.)

Day 286, 4/23/1974: Containment of Keter-level SCP objects grows increasingly difficult and strains a majority of Foundation resources. Hostilities between nations increase as they become increasingly suspicious of one another. The United Nations becomes a strained force, not very effective in mitigating the deterioration of relations. Southeast Asia experiences a systematic political repression as China falls behind in the Space Race, followed by religious accusations in response to the increased volume of religious activity. Requests to Theta-c for assistance, following a presentation of detriments to the human race, is approved.

Day 339, 6/17: A collaboration between Theta-c and Earth is initiated in order to attempt to reverse the detriments of Event 2047-A. Theta-c announces to the Foundation that reversal of the entire process is impossible, but suggests that a localized reality reset may be viable. Using a combination of SCP-2047 and Theta-c's technology, a CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenario is created, and includes a mass change to astronomical data, records, and memories revolving around the field of astronomy. This restructuring also resets the date on Earth to July 13th, 1973. Foundation staff at Site-88 (which houses SCP-2047) maintain full records relating to Earth's previous location, and are excluded from the reality restructuring in order to facilitate the further suppression of knowledge. After a full debriefing of top Foundation personnel, the residents of Theta-c are informed that further collaboration with the Foundation would not be continued due to an unacceptable risk of societal collapse stemming from uncertainty relating to previous events.

Post-Reset Day 146, 12/5/1973: Apollo-18 space mission to Earth's new natural satellite is launched. Included on-board are the personnel and materials required to produce replicas that match the vehicles left behind by Apollo 11-17, as well as establish a temporary lunar settlement to begin re-establishment of the Foundation's lunar sites.

Post-Reset Day 156, 12/15: Foundation Lunar Site-190 begins construction, with resupply loads arriving on a weekly schedule.

Post-Reset Day 1517, 7/5/1977: Voyager 1 mission launches in order to better ascertain the details of the solar system that Earth now resides in. Minimal data was relayed from Theta-c after the exchange, but further investigation is warranted as necessary.

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