1/2035 LEVEL 1/2035



Item #: SCP-2035

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Xi-9 ("Monkey on the Lamb") has been created and tasked with acquiring or otherwise destroying all newly encountered instances of SCP-2035. Fully grown instances are to be detained under the guise of potential risk of contagion to humans.

Secured instances of SCP-2035 are to be kept in Site-141's Zoological Research center, locked in Freezer Unit 18B when not undergoing testing. Fully grown instances, hereafter referred to as "subjects", are to be kept in specially designated containment cells depending on taxonomy and level of aggression. Subjects are to be allowed sufficient free time in the on-site Wildlife Recreation Areas (WRA) 2-17, with allotted time to be determined by research head for each group. Subjects demonstrating heightened levels of aggression towards one another are to be segregated from the general population and allowed time in separate WRAs as needed.

Personnel handling subjects are to ensure their hands are protected with non-latex vinyl gloves to prevent excess moisture from coming into contact with SCP-2035 subjects.

Description: SCP-2035 refers to 144 (currently in containment) miniature desiccated fetal animals1 measuring 3 cm x 3 cm x 1 cm, enclosed in paper envelopes measuring 17 cm x 8 cm. Instances of SCP-2035 initially show no signs of life and are fragile, necessitating specific levels of heat and humidity to grow. Physical contact with SCP-2035 causes it to absorb surface moisture, resulting in extreme cases in significant drying of the skin around the point of contact.

Following a period of 2-3 weeks, SCP-2035 instances begin to show signs of life and experience rapid growth, reaching full sexual maturity within 4-6 weeks. Subjects at this stage tend to be physically unremarkable from non-anomalous members of their respective species, while displaying a significant number of mental deviations and/or psychological abnormalities, often resulting in extremely volatile and unpredictable behavior. Full-grown instances of SCP-2035 in containment currently number 60.

Discovery: SCP-2035 was first reported in █████, ██ to local Animal Control services on 10/2/2014, when an instance of SCP-2035 was discovered in the glove compartment of an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. An envelope containing SCP-2035 was reportedly labeled with the words "Du Naut Cell[sic]" and included a local area phone number and address. The number led to a local "Rejection Hotline"2 and the address did not exist in either the municipal or incorporated area.

Newly discovered instances of SCP-2035 began to appear in nearby ██████ and ██████ County, most bearing no outside marking and all others similarly containing numbers to different "Rejection Hotline" gag lines and fictitious addresses. Some of the envelopes bore the phrase, "Four two being of ripopulation, putt four water[sic]". In subsequent weeks and months, a number of full grown subjects emerged, turned over to local animal shelters or otherwise detained by wild animal control units. Due to the difficulty in confirming detained animals as SCP-2035 instances, it is unknown how many SCP-2035 subjects remain uncontained.

Subjects' physiology show no significant deviations in terms of growth, health, and development from their non-anomalous counterparts, and show no signs of improved and/or impaired physical health as a result of their rapid growth.

Examples of abnormal behavior among subjects have included:

  • Catatonia, often accompanied by uncontrollable twitching/jerking.
  • Sedentary behavior among typically active animals, including equines, lynxes, alligators.
  • Significant lack of spatial awareness.
  • Frequent pantomiming of typically human activities, including the opening and closing of containers, dressing and undressing, and the apparent serving and consuming of beverages in cups.

Exclusively among the simian subjects, the following pantomimes and behavior have been observed:

  • Greetings, including handshakes, bows, curtsies, and friendly hugging.
  • Individual subjects standing face to face, foreheads pressed, motionless for periods of up to 2-5 hours.
  • Activities apparently resembling the pumping of gasoline into a vehicle, including use of a credit card for payment.
  • Subjects walking upright in oblong elliptical patterns for periods of up to 30-40 minutes.
  • A series of actions among four or more subjects resembling a series of mundane events (grooming, dressing, hand gestures), leading up to an event resembling an attempted murder of one subject by one or more of the others.

Addendum: Repeated observation of the simian subjects' behavior has shown no change in the recorded pantomime actions, save for the latter described. On different occasions, the sequence of events pantomimed by the simian subjects has changed significantly, concluding with a depiction of an attempted murder in alternate ways. These depictions have included simulated murders using blunt objects, stabbing devices, strangulation, poisoning, and shooting. The most elaborate display to date apparently involved a stationary subject pantomiming firing a rifle at another in a moving vehicle.

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