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Item #: SCP-2027

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A space-based telescope under Foundation control is to observe SCP-2027 at all times. If SCP-2027 is detected by satellites, it is to be dismissed as an asteroid. Class-C Amnestics are to be dispersed to terrestrial astronomers that detect SCP-2027. If any data demonstrating the existence of SCP-2027 is published, data must be seized and Class-A Amnestics dispersed to all readers and authors. Unmanned Probe ██A-2027 is to remain within 5,000 km of SCP-2027 at all times, and is not to enter any area within 1,250 km of SCP-2027.

Description: SCP-2027 is a spacebound organism of extraterrestrial origins. Current estimates place SCP-2027 at between 200-350 km in length and 100 km across. SCP-2027 maneuvers using several jets of gas on each end of the body. Gas emitted by SCP-2027 appears to be made up of a mix of hydrogen, methane, and argon. SCP-2027 lacks a primary propulsion method, and is propelled entirely by its own inertia.

As of █/█/██, SCP-2027 has been confirmed to be made up of several zooids, similar to Siphonophores such as Physalia physalis, or the Portuguese man o' war. Each zooid appears to perform functions such as propelling SCP-2027. SCP-2027 is covered in a hard exoskeleton that is made up of several hundred individual flat zooids. The number of gas jets on SCP-2027's exoskeleton has not been determined, with as many as 40 observed at times.

SCP-2027 feeds on strong concentrations of gamma radiation. On █/██/████, when radiation from gamma ray burst 130427A reached SCP-2027, SCP-2027 ceased all activity and began spinning slowly. An increase in movement speed was noted 4 days later.

SCP-2027 appears to be traveling directly parallel to the Solar System's orbit around the galactic center. However, between 19██ and 19██, SCP-2027 changed course slightly ██ times.

SCP-2027 was detected by the [REDACTED] Gamma Ray observatory on ██/█/19██, when it eclipsed the [REDACTED] Pulsar. The complete lack of gamma radiation near SCP-2027 was logged into public record. Foundation agents dispensed Class-A Amnestics to all researchers who had come in contact or were aware of the data.

SCP-2027 is currently 0.02 light years from Earth. Current projections show no risk of SCP-2027 impacting Earth or any other body in the Solar System. SCP-2027's closest approach to the Solar System will be 0.009 light years if no course corrections are made.

Addendum #1:
On █/█/20██, a Foundation-operated probe launched on █/█/19██ rendezvoused with SCP-2027. However; when the probe entered a zone 100 km over SCP-2027's body, Probe ██A-2027 was struck by a powerful gas jet, damaging the probe's docking claw. Probe ██A-2027 has since been ordered to remain in a 5,000 km orbit above SCP-2027.

Addendum #2:
On █/█/20██, SCP-2027 split into ███ parts and reassembled itself after █ hours. SCP-2027's speed has been noted to have risen by ██ m/s at this time.

Addendum #3:
On ██/█/200█, A large sphincter opened on SCP-2027's side and a large mass of matter was jettisoned. A thin appendage extended from SCP-2027 and connected to the mass of matter designated SCP-2027-1. 3 weeks later, jets of the same gas emitted from SCP-2027 was emitted from SCP-2027-1 and the appendage was disconnected. SCP-2027-1 then accelerated away from SCP-2027 in the direction of the galactic center.

Addendum #4:
On █/██/20██, Probe ██A-2027 has detected multiple sporadic emissions of argon, methane, and hydrogen from the areas SCP-2027 has passed through. These signatures are of compositions identical to SCP-2027's maneuvering jets.

Note: These creatures may be native to the high-radiation regions in the center of the galaxy. What we are witnessing now may be a migration of sorts. -Dr. █████

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