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Item #: SCP-2025

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Shipping and transport companies are to be passively dissuaded from routing through SCP-2025-A. In the rare event of emergent photographs or other media regarding SCP-2025, disinformation campaigns are to dismiss them as failed viral advertising for an unspecified American insurance company until the media can be collected and destroyed.

EFFECTIVE 15/04/2011: Deep-water drilling efforts are to continue despite complaints of dangerous working conditions and personnel mistreatment. Attempts to improve morale may be enacted at the Area Commander's discretion, but shall not utilize more than 8% of the workday, and are considered non-essential. Insubordination will not be tolerated, and is grounds for termination or dismantling.

Description: SCP-2025 is the abstract concept of humanity within a conical region centered at -64.███°, -140.███° in the Southern Pacific ocean. This region (hereafter SCP-2025-A) extends from a point in the Mohorovičić discontinuity of the Earth's mantle to just beyond the upper Ionosphere (cross-sectional radius approximately 33.8 km at sea level). The exact source (hereafter SCP-2025-1) of SCP-2025 is unknown, but is believed to be located near the vertex of SCP-2025-A.

The nature of SCP-2025 is such that any animate1 object within SCP-2025-A (including but not limited to humans, amphibians, [REDACTED], and remote controlled drones) contains the metaphysical property of "humanity." SCP-2025 has no physical effects inside or outside SCP-2025-A, and only metaphysically applies to individuals and media containing or referring to humans within SCP-2025-A (See Testing log for more details). SCP-2025 is not retained when an individual leaves SCP-2025-A. An updated list with descriptive details of affected objects is available on-site upon request from Research Assistant Optiplex 990-239A.

Amnestics, distance from SCP-2025-A, and varying definitions of "what it means to be human" have no effect on the applicability of SCP-2025. Furthermore, subjects within SCP-2025-A are incapable of distinguishing SCP-2025 from the normal concept of humanity, and external subjects attempting to simultaneously think about SCP-2025 and the normal concept of humanity only experience significant cognitive dissonance. For these reasons, SCP-2025 is believed to encompass the underlying reality within SCP-2025-A, rather than simply influencing the perceptions of subjects.

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