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by Ethagon

Notice from the Explanation and Research Department

This document concerns Kinetoglyphs and was therefore reclassified as Explained as part of the Glasgow-Kinetocism-Mandate passed on 2023-12-18.

— Thomas Weld, Director, ExaRD

Item #: SCP-2023-EX

Object Class: Euclid Explained

Archived Containment Procedures: SCP-2023-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-88 with a straitjacket. This straitjacket will not be removed for any reason. Dietary necessities are to be manually given to SCP-2023-1 by D-Class personnel.

MTF Eta-12 (“Gesticuhaters”)1 is to be deployed to find and capture SCP-2023-2.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is no longer necessary. See addenda for details.

Description: SCP-2023-EX is a collection of dangerous kinetoglyphs2.

SCP-2023-1-EX is a 26-year-old female gymnast named Freya Atkinson of noble blood. SCP-2023-1-EX started her gymnastic career at the age of four, took part in two national competitions, and was considered for participation in the Olympic Games with SCP-2023-2-EX.

SCP-2023-2-EX is a 24-year-old female gymnast named Sophia Smith and the gymnastics partner of SCP-2023-1-EX. SCP-2023-2-EX has a history of political activism.

SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX are the only known persons able to perform SCP-2023-EX.

Discovery: On 2023-11-06 the Foundation was made aware of kinetohazardous activity in York, England at a local gym, by several videos uploaded to YouTube3 showing the floor of the gym behaving like rubber. Analysis of the videos revealed SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX as the perpetrators and indicated unknown Level-III-kinetohazards. SCP-2023-2-EX commented on one video "You haven't seen half of it. Just wait for the Olympics".

Foundation staff contacted SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX, offering paid interviews on the subject of the unknown kinetoglyphs. The offering was left unanswered as well as several other attempts at communication.

MTF Eta-12 was dispatched to the gym.



Forward: At the time of the mission, the gym was empty except for SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX. MTF Eta-12 was ordered to negotiate, if possible.

Timestamps are in standard NATO format.


[1948Z]: As MTF Eta-12 enters the gym, SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX are training at the other side of the hall. The floor behaves like rubber. Two members of the team start doing squats in constant deaccelerating time, stopping the floor's unusual behaviour. Eta-12-1 walks towards the targets.

Eta-12-1: Good evening Miss Atkinson, Miss Smith.

SCP-2023-1-EX: Shhh! Please do not interrupt-

SCP-2023-2-EX: Frey, it's them.

SCP-2023-1-EX: Oh.

Eta-12-1: You are very difficult to reach. As you may-

SCP-2023-2-EX: How can you just walk in here?

Eta-12-1: The door was open.

SCP-2023-1-EX: Can we please keep this short? You are bringing me out of my headspace.

Eta-12-1: It's very simple really. We want you to stop performing kinetoglyphs.

SCP-2023-2-EX: Kinetoglyphs?

SCP-2023-1-EX: It's the technical term for our art.

SCP-2023-2-EX: Okay, why would we?

Eta-12-1: We are willing to pay you for knowledge of the exact gestures needed to perform your glyphs.

SCP-2023-1-EX: (scoffs) Money does not concern us.

SCP-2023-2-EX: Yes, I don't think we'll come on common ground here. Please leave.

Eta-12-1: If I can't convince you, surely our specialists back at the Site can. I'm sorry, but this is not how this ends.

[1949Z]: The targets start sprinting towards Eta-12-1. Shortly before impact, the targets jump into a somersault with interlocked elbows. They phase through Eta-12-1. Afterwards, the targets go into a sprint start position with the arms behind their back. They start to run with superhuman speed towards the exit.

[1950Z]: Two agents start sprinting backwards, ending in the start position. This results in SCP-2023-2-EX deaccelerating and stumbling. SCP-2023-2-EX is grabbed by an agent.

SCP-2023-2-EX: Leave your hands off me!

Eta-12-1: The usage of kinetohazards puts you under Foundation authority. Let us end this quietly.

SCP-2023-2-EX: You have no legal right to do any of this!

[1951Z]: Eta-12-1 tries walking back to the other agents; the targets begin with rapid rhythmic clapping resulting in a sonic boom. The team's short shock is used by SCP-2023-2-EX to escape the grapple and regroup with SCP-2023-1-EX in the centre of the gym.

[1952Z]: SCP-2023-1-EX interlocks her legs with SCP-2023-2-EX's, as both start to circle in the push-up position. The gym spins with them.

[1953Z]: Multiple agents try mimicking the movement counter-clockwise, but all fail, not able to keep up with the targets' speed.

[1954Z]: SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX are exhausted by the movement. Half of the agents are knocked out by impact with the gym's walls.

SCP-2023-1-EX: Sophia your left leg could be a bit more angled otherwise great performance as always.

SCP-2023-2-EX: I suggest you go now. We don't want to escalate this to the authorities.

Eta-12-1: (Heavy breathing) What are you talking about? This is an anomalous activity. We are the authority!

SCP-2023-2-EX: You never were. The Queen and her parliament are the authority of this country.

Eta-12-1: This is your last chance. Go with us quietly.

SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX: Never.

Eta-12-1: You had your chance. Team, open fire.

[1955Z]: The team opens fire. SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX start rotating their hands, ending in a simultaneous clap, stopping the bullets midair. The targets do a handstand, bending over until their feet touch the soles.

SCP-2023-2-EX: They're shooting-

SCP-2023-1-EX: Focus.

[1956Z]: Two still unarmed agents pull their hands apart into counter-clockwise rotating. From the handstand position, SCP-2023-1-EX and SCP-2023-2-EX start moving on each other's soles upwards into the air as if walking on a wall. The bullets resume their path, barely missing their targets.

[1957Z]: Eta-12 surrounds the hovering subjects on Eta-12-1's command, as SCP-2023-1-EX bends over to SCP-2023-2-EX and throws her at the agents.

[1958Z]: SCP-2023-2-EX impacts with three agents, bringing them to the ground. SCP-2023-2-EX bounces back to the now falling SCP-2023-1-EX. Eta-12-1, now the only one left standing, stops shooting.

[1959Z]: SCP-2023-1-EX grabs SCP-2023-2-EX's hands, using SCP-2023-2-EX's momentum to spin around their hands, like a two-sided propeller. Eta-12-1 sprints towards the now slowly descending "propeller".

As the targets make contact with the ground, the "propeller" shoots towards the exit.

[2000Z]: Before the exit is reached, Eta-12-1 slams the subjects' hands apart, breaking the "propeller", resulting in SCP-2023-1-EX crashing into the ground and SCP-2023-2-EX being propelled out of the exit. SCP-2023-1-EX is then apprehended by Eta-12-1.



SCP-2023-2-EX could not be located in York. A week later, SCP-2023-2-EX's social media presence indicated she was in Glasgow and was still openly displaying kinetohazards.

As Glasgow is one of several cities outlawing Foundation activities specifically towards humanoid containment, the subject could not be apprehended. Current actions indicate that SCP-2023-2-EX will likely start a campaign for removing SCP-2023-1-EX from containment, which would have a negative influence on Foundation PR.


Interviewed: SCP-2023-1-EX

Interviewer: Researcher Smithington

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Good morning, Miss Atkinson.

SCP-2023-1-EX: (Laughs) If you are here, I can assume you haven't found Sophia then?

Interviewer: We were unable to reach Miss Smith.

SCP-2023-1-EX: I do not know why you are wasting your time with me. Sophia was always the one to care more about these kinds of things.

Interviewer: I'm just interested in one thing: What is this all for?

SCP-2023-1-EX: Did you personally ever do something with kinetoglyphs.

Interviewer: No, I-

SCP-2023-1-EX: Then you'll never know how it feels to glide through the air, really glide through the air. Not bound to a rope, but just your one accomplishment. All of this could be an art, could be for everyone, if you'd just let it form free. But I know you won't.

SCP-2023-1-EX: But I know Sophia will.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Negotiation failed

Update-2023-11-16: SCP-2023-2-EX started legal action against the containment of SCP-2023-1-EX, which gained a significant amount of public attention.

Foundation requests to enter Glasgow were denied.

Update-2023-11-25: SCP-2023-2-EX incorporates kinetohazards into most of her performances, all uploaded to YouTube. This includes a tutorial for performing simple kinetoglyphs. Large amounts of Level-I-kinetohazardous activity were detected in Glasgow afterwards.

A ring of watchmen, assisted by Mobile Task Force Sigma-2 ("No Friends Of Mine"), was established outside of the city to apprehend all kinetoglyph-users upon their departure of the city.

Update-2023-12-04: Foundation attorneys are able to prolong the legal proceedings of the Smith-v.-Foundation-Case, but public opinion of the Foundation continues to decrease.

Update-2023-12-08: Local governments of several other cities consider following Glasgow's course of action. Rumours regarding an Anti-Foundation law are starting to spread.

Request from the Explanation and Research Department

In the effort of reintegrating former anomalous science back into society and the recent circumstances, ExaRD requests to prematurely release the Foundation's papers on Kinetology to the public. As this constitutes a change in baseline normality, kinetohazards would have to be reclassified as Explained.

— Thomas Weld, Director, ExaRD

After the declassification of kinetohazards and the advice of experts on the field, the practice of kinetoglyphs was outlawed in the United Kingdom as well as in several other countries.

SCP-2023-1-EX was released and amnesticized to forget her time in Foundation custody.

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