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Item #: SCP-2015-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the extreme difficulty in predicting SCP-2015-JP occurrences, procedures are focused on post-response to SCP-2015-JP. If needed, the dissemination of cover stories (gas leaks, etc.) are authorized.

To help in normalizing views of SCP-2015-JP amongst the public, an embedded agent in Nintendo1 will promote the development of the Mario franchise2 to boost its popularity.

Description: SCP-2015-JP is an anomalous entity that occasionally appears over the heads of sleeping humans (Homo sapiens sapiens). SCP-2015-JP physically resembles the character Thwomp3 from the Mario video game series. SCP-2015-JP is indestructible and immobile.

SCP-2015-JP only exists when the affected person (Hereafter referred to as 'subject') has their eyes closed, vanishing the moment they reopen them. Thus, subjects are unaware of the existence of SCP-2015-JP instances above themselves. SCP-2015-JP's existence can only be confirmed by others.

SCP-2015-JP will slowly lower itself towards the subject's head. SCP-2015-JP will cause overwhelming senses of fear and anxiousness in those who witness it. In most scenarios, witnesses will attempt to destroy or otherwise remove SCP-2015-JP, but due to SCP-2015-JP's physical characteristics, this will fail.

At the time SCP-2015-JP makes contact with the subject, any witnesses will fall asleep. Upon awakening, they will believe what they witnessed to be a dream and, like with dreams, their memories of the event will gradually disappear.

SCP-2015-JP was first discovered in October 2000, when one manifested above a member of Parliament ████, who was sleeping at the National Diet. The subsequent chain reaction resulted in all members of the Diet and those otherwise participating in the Congress to fall into a slumber. Additionally, this event was broadcasted on the news, leading to ██ million civilians also succumbing to its effects. It required the Foundation two months and █ billion yen to contain the situation.

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