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Item #: SCP-2015

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2015 are to be kept in sound proof containment lockers at Site-20. Instances of SCP-2015 must be inspected monthly for repairs. Leaked vídeo footage of instances of SCP-2015 must be located and covered up. Experiments involving instances of SCP-2015 must be approved by at least one Level 3 Researcher.

Description: SCP-2015 is the collective designation of 9 anomalous artistic pieces, referred to as SCP-2015-1 through SCP-2015-9. The materials used for making these artistic pieces vary, but they exhibit no anomalous properties by themselves. Each instance becomes autonomous when a certain phrase, specific to that instance, is spoken in its proximity. Speaking the phrase again will cause the instance to resume immobility. It is unknown how instances of SCP-2015 do not collapse under their own weight. Each animated instance can be controlled via thought with a small handheld object that is specific to that instance and has a similar theme1.

Instances of SCP-2015 were found in [REDACTED], Japan on ██/██/20██. They were in a state of severe damage after a secret gathering among anomalous artists from around the world. Said event consisted of a competition between the anomalous artists to see which one could create an animate artistic piece that was aesthetically pleasing and capable of defeating the others in combat. Most anomalous artists were brought into Foundation custody. Investigations of similar events, additional instances of SCP-2015 and leaked vídeo footage are ongoing.

Addendum: List of recovered SCP-2015 instances

Designation Nickname Height Description
SCP-2015-1 Game Over 16 m A wedding cake displaying several anatomical features of cephalopods.
SCP-2015-2 Gigeripper 17 m A humanoid construct of black plastic resembling the titular creature from the “Alien” movie franchise with chainsaws in place of its hands.
SCP-2015-3 Thirsty Hans 15 m A beer cooler resembling an eagle in shape.
SCP-2015-4 Waterfall 18 m A porcelain toilet with urinating angel sculptures and spider-like legs.
SCP-2015-5 Rubikhan 16 m A reconfigurable humanoid covered in small, brightly coloured surface plates similar to those of a "Rubik's Cube".
SCP-2015-6 Wolfgang 18 m A piano painted in white and red stripes with a mechanical human torso attached to the top.
SCP-2015-7 Something Completely Different 14 m A stone sculpture of a platypus covered in wormholes that sprout multijointed human limbs and sensory organs on stalks.
SCP-2015-8 My Property 15 m A robot resembling the wife of the event's creator, dressed in underwear. On her back is the message "You know I was here, PP".
SCP-2015-9 Vincipteryx 13 m A clockwork dragonfly-like construct resembling a machine from one of Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings.

Addendum-B: Recovered tape recording describing a battle between two instances of SCP-2015.

Foreword: This battle is between instances 2015-5 ("Rubikhan") and 2015-9 ("Vincipteryx").

<Begin Log>

(The battle is about to start. SCP-2015-5 and SCP-2015-9 are in the ring, which is decorated with the competition's symbol, a boxing glove holding a brush. A loud siren can be heard going off for a few seconds.)

"It started! Vinci is spreading its wings and getting ready to fly. Rubikhan is making a 'come get some' gesture. Vinci flies off the ground and charges at Rubikhan. He dodges out of the way and punches Vinci in the head!"

"Rubikhan transforms its hands into axes and throws them at Vinci. He tries to dodge, but one of his legs is cut off. Vinci takes out a flamethrower from its back and fires at Rubikhan! Rubikhan transforms its torso into a copy of Escher's Waterfall and shoots a stream of water at the fire. There's now a cloud of steam covering half the ring and I can't see Rubikhan. Vinci looks like it's confused. Wait, Rubikhan came out! His hands are cymbals and he hits Vinci in the head with them!"

"Vinci spreads its wings and charges again at Rubikhan. He tries to dodge, but is picked up by Vinci into the air! They're now attacking each other in mid-air! Rubikhan transforms one of its hands into a chainsaw and cuts off two of Vinci's wings. Vinci stops flying and they hit the ground. Rubikhan keeps cutting off Vinci's wings. Vinci shoots a green liquid from its mouth at Rubikhan and his face starts to melt. Rubikhan transforms into a transparent copy of Escher's Relativity. Vinci is trapped! It tries to spit the green liquid again, but a leg appears from the ground behind it and kicks it down the stairs! Vinci is now rolling down all over the place! Vinci finally lands on a platform and is almost still. Rubikhan becomes opaque again and transforms back into his normal form. He…he spits out Vinci. Vinci is no longer moving.

(The siren goes off again. SCP-2015-5 is declared the winner.)

<End Log>

Addendum-C: Interview Log 2015-Alpha

Interviewed: █████ ████████, creator of SCP-2015-9, referred to in this interview as PoI(Person of Interest)-2015-0102

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: State your name for the record, please.

PoI-2015-0102: My name is █████ ████████.

Dr. ██████: Why and how did you create SCP-2015-9?

PoI-2015-0102: You mean Vinci? To participate in the World Anart Fighting Competition, of course. I built him like you would build a clock. Just a different shape and size. One piece at a time, all in the right place.

Dr. ██████: Do all other anomalous artists follow the same process as you when creating their works?

PoI-2015-0102: There are probably others who do it in a different way, but that's their problem. My way is the best one, though.

Dr. ██████: What is the purpose of this competition?

PoI-2015-0102: To see who can create the most combat skilled anart piece. Aesthetics get you some points too, obviously. What else is there to know?

Dr. ██████: Who started this competition, and what is the motivation for the participants to win?

PoI-2015-0102: Nobody knows his real name or where he comes from, but he uses the nickname of "Palette Puncher". There isn't any money or a trophy for the winner, but there is a lot of cred to be gained.

Dr. ██████: How long has this competition taken place?

PoI-2015-0102: Since 19██.

Dr. ██████: How exactly is the winner of a match determined?

PoI-2015-0102: It is pretty simple, actually. If your artistic piece is damaged to the point that it no longer moves, you lose. Sometimes matches are pretty short, and other times they can last for hours. The audience is always gigantic, though. I've heard that even beings from other dimensions have watched and participated.

Dr. ██████: What do you mean? What kind of beings?

PoI-2015-0102: They're just rumors. But if you're really that curious, I'll let you know that some anartists say that birds from another universe and little people that can change their shapes have participated.

Dr. ██████: Do you know if these beings have their own versions of anomalous artists? What motivates these beings to participate in the competition?

PoI-2015-0102: I don't know. Maybe they do have anartists and want fame just like us. Why don't you ask them? You probably have some locked up somewhere.

Dr. ██████: Thank you. This concludes the interview, unless you have something else to say.

PoI-2015-0102: Oh, I do, actually.

(At this point in the interview, a clockwork limb with a microphone at the tip appeared from PoI-2015-0102's left shoulder. PoI-2015-0102 quickly speaks the phrases "Reprogram activation phrase: Spread your wings. Delete deactivation command" into the microphone.)

Dr. ██████: What the hell? What did you just do?

(SCP-2015-9 was activated and breached containment. Two minutes later, SCP-2015-9 reached PoI-2015-0102's interrogation room, picked him up and put him on its back. SCP-2015-9 flees the interrogation room and tries to leave the facility. Security is immediately called and SCP-2015-9 is successfully recontained, although several damages to the facility and personnel deaths occurred. PoI-2015-0102's device did not appear during the inspection process. PoI-2015-0102 was recaptured and subjected to extensive surgeries to remove any similar devices.)

<End Log>

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