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Item #: SCP-2013

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2013 is to be treated through global dispersal of an aerosolized version of the Cardiff Compound, distributed via Foundation-owned aircraft, disguised as normal aircraft trails. Foundation employees affected by SCP-2013 are to be subject to regular Class-C Amnestic administration to treat infection. Individuals refusing treatment are to be administered Class-A amnestics and have their positions at the Foundation terminated.

All previous documentation regarding SCP-2013 has been archived for the sake of posterity. To view previous containment procedures, please input password:

Description: SCP-2013 refers to a Renard Class memetic agent. SCP-2013 can be spread via visual, auditory or tactile1 vectors, and has an infection rate of approximately 72%.

SCP-2013 causes affected individuals to develop a belief in SCP-2013-A. SCP-2013-A is allegedly an extraterrestrial race that has infiltrated various world governments, including the USA, United Kingdom, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Individuals affected by SCP-2013 cannot be cured, but can be treated through regular amnestic consumption or administration. Further infection has been prevented by global dispersal of the Cardiff Compound. Currently, less than 1% of the population of planet Earth believes in the existence of SCP-2013-A, with the highest concentration being in the United States, where 4% believe in the existence of SCP-2013-A.

SCP-2013-A instances were previously believed to be actual anomalies, as opposed to delusions caused by SCP-2013. For previous documentation, please input password:

Addendum: On 06/05/████, a believed instance of SCP-2013-A died of natural causes. The Foundation took the body into custody for autopsy, only to find that this alleged instance of SCP-2013-A was, in fact, a normal human being. Further inspection by uninfected personnel showed that all deceased instances of SCP-2013-A in storage were, in fact, human beings; all reports on SCP-2013-A were written by individuals affected by SCP-2013.

Given this information, we are cancelling the Hereford Protocol; new containment procedures have been written regarding SCP-2013. -O5-2

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