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Item #: SCP-2012

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At least one individual who is trained and fluent in speaking Vulgar Latin (the common language used during early Imperial Rome), must be on hand at all times to deal with SCP-2012. Said personnel is henceforth referred to as Alpha-1. Alpha-1 must be trained in Imperial Roman history, with a strong focus on military doctrine and tactics of the early Empire. In addition, one period-accurate set of lorica segmentata, forged using only methods available to Roman blacksmiths, is to be procured for the use of said personnel. A standard set of weaponry for an Imperial Auxilia cavalryman is to be provided, and forged with the same requirements as the armor. One horse with appropriate Roman cavalry accoutrements is to be provided. Alpha-1 is to receive lessons in Roman horsemanship, mainly in riding without a stirrup.

Alpha-1 is to receive extensive lessons in Roman military history regarding the conquests of Britain in the 110's CE. Alpha-1 is to receive emblems and markings of Legio II Augusta1, including the reconstruction of the aquila2 of Legio II Augusta.

Another individual, designated Alpha-2, is to receive the same equipment, but with a training focus on the Jewish revolts during the Principate, specifically the Bar Kochba Revolt. Alpha-2 is to receive the emblem and aquila of Legio X Gemina.

A third individual, designated Alpha-3, is to receive the same equipment as the others, but with a training focus on the Parthian Empire wars of the 160's CE. Alpha-3 is to receive the emblems and aquila of Legio I Minervia.

During the last week of February, Foundation personnel are to close off the region of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland where SCP-2012 can appear, using the cover story of wildlife surveys.

The corresponding areas in the Negev Desert, Israel; and Khosrov State Reserve, Armenia; are to be monitored closely, due to the inability to close off such areas.

At the beginning of a Marian Event, Alpha-1 is to ride to the position of SCP-2012, and claim to be a member of the Auxilia cavalry of Legio II Augusta. Alpha-1 is to claim that Legio II Augusta has been massacred in an ambush, and that the standing orders are for Legio IX Hispana to remain in their current position, and construct fortifications in preparation for a defense. Alpha-1 is ordered to use any means necessary to convince SCP-2012-1 of the necessity of this maneuver.

If Alpha-1 does not return within the designated window of time of 10 hours, a Mobile Task Force will be deployed to contain SCP-2012 by force.

The same procedure applies for Alpha-2 and Alpha-3, with the suitable adjustments in region and original legion.

Regardless of the means of containment, surveillance of SCP-2012 during its appearance is to be maintained at all times.

Description: SCP-2012 is a collective designation that refers to the members of Legio IX Hispana, an Imperial Roman legion that disappeared from the historical record in the late 100's CE. The reason for this disappearance from the historical record is currently still a matter of considerable debate.

During the beginning of March, SCP-2012 can manifest in three different regions of the world: Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland; Khosrov State Reserve, Armenia; and the Negev Desert, Israel. This is henceforth referred to as a Marian Event. During a Marian Event, members of SCP-2012 appear, often accompanied by the camp-followers and other personnel common to a Roman legion. The members of the legion will express considerable disorientation as to their location, but will reiterate their insistence that they are still in the late 100's CE.

SCP-2012 instances will tend to be scattered, and can appear in multiple locations during one manifestation event, but instances are never repeated in the different locations in which SCP-2012 can manifest.

SCP-2012-1 refers to █████████ ██████ ██████████, the commander of SCP-2012. Personnel engaging in containment of SCP-2012 are to make contact with SCP-2012-1 in order to convince SCP-2012 to remain in its position, or other suitable officers at the other locations in which SCP-2012-1 is not present.

Approximately one week following the beginning of a Marian Event, it will abruptly disappear, taking any and all equipment with it. SCP-2012 can disappear at any time, and the members of it do not seem to be aware of this impending disappearance, or the general circumstances of their situation.

Regardless of how many members are lost during containment, SCP-2012 will reappear every single year. SCP-2012 instances do not carry over memories from the prior year.

Since the Foundation began containment of SCP-2012 in ████, the use of force has only been required in █ occasions. Cover stories were maintained on the grounds of military drilling.

Addendum: The following is a relevant conversation in which Alpha-1 attempted to discover the origin of SCP-2012's anomalous nature. It has been translated from the original Vulgar Latin.

SCP-2012-1: …but still, I feel strange. To be honest, a lot of the men haven't been feeling right. You know, I had a memory of fighting in Judaea, putting down Jews. Can you imagine that? I must be going insane. We've never been stationed anywhere near there, but yet, I clearly remember fighting there for some reason.

Alpha-1: Perhaps it's the stress of the uprisings.

SCP-2012-1: Aye, perhaps. I can't get an incident out of my head though. Some damned barbaric priests howling at us from atop their chariots as we went into battle. For some reason, I kept seeing them as Parthian heavy chariots, with those characteristic scythed blades. I had to blink a few times to get that vision out of my head. I don't understand what's going on.

Alpha-1: I will make sure to put in a prayer for Asclepius for you, sir.

During a different Marian Event, Alpha-2 was similarly ordered to discover the origin of SCP-2012. SCP-2012-1 had manifested in the Negev Desert, Israel, during this Marian Event.

SCP-2012-1: And yet, I can't get it out of my head. Those accursed memories of being ambushed by a Pictish rebellion. We've never been stationed in Britannia. I can scarcely remember any information about Britannia, as I've never cared for reading about those other conquests. I can remember it so clearly though.

Alpha-2: That is indeed odd, sir.

SCP-2012-1: And you know what's the strangest thing? I couldn't stop seeing those Jewish zealots, and thinking of Parthian foot infantry. I've never seen Parthian foot infantry, but when I saw those soldiers, I couldn't stop thinking of how much they reminded me of the old Parthian wars. See, there I go again. I have no experience in the Parthian wars, but they seem to be old wars to me. We haven't even fought the Parthians since Trajan, but in those memories, it's not Trajan that's flying on those standards. It's some other emperor that I don't even recognize.

Alpha-2: I will make sure to put in a prayer for Asclepius for you, sir.

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