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Still frame from Incident 2001-19██-1

Item #: SCP-2001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No means of containment or prevention of SCP-2001 is currently available to the Foundation. In lieu of this, several alternative procedures have been established. Gamma-Type individuals and Beta-Type individuals not affiliated with NASA or any other space-related organization should be monitored and detained if necessary. Individuals employed or affiliated with space-related organizations who show signs of Gamma or Beta-Type infection should be removed from service and administered amnestics. Effective 10/21/20██, All individuals afflicted with Alpha-Type symptoms should be detained in Wing ██ of Sector ██. Under no circumstances should Alpha-Type individuals be allowed access to any astronomical or spacefaring equipment. Mandatory SCP-2001 screening is in effect for all Foundation staff.

Addendum 4/22/19██: In light of Incident 2001-19██-A, all Foundation employees showing symptoms of SCP-2001 are to be removed from service immediately. See Incident Report 2001-19██-A (Level 4 Clearance or higher).

Description: SCP-2001 is an anomalous series of neural oscillations that occur during three of the four stages of human sleep. During one of these three stages, the amygdala spontaneously enters a state of heightened activity for a period of 10-15 minutes.1 At the conclusion of SCP-2001's active state, the subject is conditioned to one of three responses (designated Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) depending on the sleep stage in which SCP-2001 occured.

SCP-2001 appears to show no increased presence in individuals of any race, creed, or gender. No genetic abnormalities have been associated with SCP-2001. Spectrographic analysis of SCP-2001 suggests that its presence may not be intraneural; rather, that it may originate from an outside source. Of particular note is the fact that SCP-2001, particularly the Alpha strain, has recently begun affecting a proportionally large population of astronomers, astronauts, and individuals who otherwise deal with space.2

There appear to be three types of responses to SCP-2001 infection:3

Gamma: Subjects who experience SCP-2001 during the second stage of NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) sleep are designated Gamma-type individuals. Gamma-type individuals are almost indistinguishable from the ordinary population save for a disparaging attitude towards the topic of space travel. Gamma-type individuals show an active aversion to discussing space or space exploration in conversations, and will avoid any and all organizations pertaining to the study and development of human space exploration. It is estimated that █% of the population is currently affected by Gamma-type symptoms of SCP-2001.

Beta: Subjects who experience SCP-2001 during the third stage of NREM sleep are designated Beta-type individuals. Beta-type individuals are characterized by a distinct opposition to space exploration. Beta-type individuals will denounce the importance and safety of space travel in conversations, citing it as "extremely dangerous" or "fruitless". Also common among Beta-type individuals is the tendency to construct elaborate conspiracy theories regarding humans in space. An estimated ██% of popular space-related conspiracies are directly linked to one or more Beta-type carriers, including [REDACTED]. Of note is the fact that the aforementioned individual had never had contact with the SCP Foundation or any of its affiliates.

Alpha: The presence of SCP-2001 during any stage of REM sleep produces an Alpha-type individual. Alpha-type individuals actively attempt to stop or sabotage all forms of space travel. Individuals displaying symptoms of Alpha-type infection will attempt to harm or otherwise interfere with individuals, centers, and activities that pertain to space research or travel. An Alpha-positive Foundation researcher was directly responsible for Incident 2001-19██-A (Level 4 Clearance or higher).

Document SCP-2001-01

Document SCP-2001-09

Addendum 4/30/19██: Research into potential memetic qualities of SCP-2001 is currently ongoing.

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