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Item #: SCP-2000-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2000-J is currently being housed at Dr. █████'s household, who had originally offered SCP-2000-J housing off the street.1

SCP-2000-J is now being hosted by Agent ████, who is currently going to college. Considerations to place SCP-2000-J onto MTF Zeta-00 ("Fuzzbutts") are pending.

Description: SCP-2000-J is a Caucasian male approximately 18 years of age, with the ability to transform into a common housecat upon the beginning of any sport he participates in. In spite of his apparent lack of height or hands, he shows an exemplary ability at any athletics while in a transformed state.

SCP-2000-J appears to have an odd memetic effect upon regulators of any sport, causing apathy towards his lack of qualifications to play in his current state. Typically regulators will cite a lack of regulation towards disallowing animals from participating. SCP-2000-J also appears to increase the morale of any team he participates in, regardless of actual performance.

SCP-2000-J seems to be able to perform reality manipulation, causing him to always be able to perform the last goal, basket, run, strike, or catch during a tie in the game. Although randomized, during tournaments any team that SCP-2000-J participates in will be able to play into the finals, and the final team will always be the previous championship team. As well, previously undiscovered conflicts between members of both teams will arise during the match and will become resolved positively.2

Addendum 2000-J-1: SCP-2000-J recently requested that Agent ████ become romantically involved with it. Agent ████ denied this request as she is currently in a steady relationship with the leader of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("The Jocks").

Addendum 2000-J-2: Due to SCP-2000-J's difficulties in interacting with female staff members and physical abuse by several humanoid SCP's, the decision has been made to insert SCP-2000-J into the Foundation's Basketball Team in hopes of finally winning against the Global Occult Coalition.

Addendum 2000-J-3: SCP-2000-J has recently assembled an improved team to represent the Foundation, consisting of several researchers, Agents and humanoid SCP's.

Addendum 2000-J-4: On ██/██/20███, SCP-2000-J approached Dr. █████, requesting that he join Athletic Task Force Alpha-11. Due to Dr. █████'s unpleasant history involving the game, he refused, advising SCP-2000-J to cease playing basketball before it experiences a similar negative experience.

Addendum 2000-J-5: The Foundation-GOC annual basketball tournament is currently underway. Updates are pending.

Addendum 2000-J-6: Astonishingly, Dr. █████ has attended the game and is assisting Athletic Task Force Alpha-11. SCP-2000-J appears to register satisfaction at this development.

Addendum 2000-J-7: One of the members of the GOC team has terminated Dr. █████ with a concealed pistol. The GOC player has been removed from the game by Assistant Referee ███████. During the mid-game break, SCP-2000-J expressed determination to win the game.

Addendum 2000-J-8: SCP-2000-J has gained possession of the ball and is rapidly approaching the GOC hoop and YES HE MADE THE SHOT YESSSS

Addendum 2000-J-9: SCP-2000-J is currently in a steady relationship with Agent ████. Termination of Agent ████ for unprofessional behaviour is under consideration.

Addendum 2000-J-10: SCP-2000-J was approached by Marshall, Carter and Dark operatives with a deal for him to lose the next game in exchange for monetary rewards. He initially refused; however, the operatives then threatened Agent ████'s safety. SCP-2000-J then proceeded to perform poorly in the next game until Agent ████ escaped and cheered him on.

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