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Item#: 1997-J
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-47 Dr. Souphanousinphone Beta-17


Weapons collected from SCP-1997-J's containment chamber on 09/12/2003

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation is to purchase all objects manifested by SCP-1997-J every Tuesday of the current week. SCP-1997-J is to be informed that the Foundation is inflicting the maximum amount of human suffering possible with the weapons that are purchased from the entity. MTF Beta-17 ("Princes of the Mountain") have been stationed at Site-47 for the purpose of responding to any threat posed by SCP-1997-J and other nearby anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-1997-J is an anomalous human male. It is capable of manifesting what appears to be an infinite number of weapons1 at an average rate of two weapons per hour. SCP-1997-J stores these weapons in a close proximity to itself for the purposes of the sale of said weapons.

SCP-1997-J is capable of speaking English, and it does so with a Texan accent. When interacting with humans, SCP-1997-J often attempts to sell its manifested weapons with the other individual interacting with it. SCP-1997-J is generally amiable2, and individuals it interacts with have no obligation to purchase SCP-1997-J's goods. SCP-1997-J has expressed no desire to exit Foundation custody under the condition that the Foundation purchases, and causes human suffering with, the weapons the entity manifests.

SCP-1997-J often cites the infliction of pain as its purpose in the sale of its weapons. SCP-1997-J also often fixates on the infliction of pain when conversing, even if its weapons or their sale are not the topic of discussion. SCP-1997-J also often claims that it engages in the sale of its weapons to support its family financially and to stimulate the economy of the local community.

Addendum.1997-J.1: Interview Log

Interviewed: SCP-1997-J

Interviewer: Agent Robert Gribble

Date: 09/13/2009

Note-Audio begins as Agent Gribble is in a standing position adjacent to SCP-1997-J.

<Begin Log>

Agent Gribble: Hello, SCP-1997-J.

SCP-1997-J: Hey there! What's your name?

Agent Gribble: Robert. I go by-

SCP-1997-J: Ah, hey there Bobby! I've got a few rifles you suit boys might like.

Agent Gribble: I go by Rob, SCP-1997-J. And we'll be buying out your stock on Tuesday, as usual.

SCP-1997-J: Alright then. Those guns really hurt if you hit a man in the knee, I'll tell you what.

Agent Gribble: Don't worry about it, we know how to hurt people well enough. I actually have a few questions for you, if you don't mind.

SCP-1997-J: Alright, fine. You people are always asking me questions.

Agent Gribble: Well, I thought that you of all people could appreciate me just doing my job.

SCP-1997-J: You're right about that, mister. This country was built on honest men doing honest work.

Agent Gribble sits in the chair directly opposite of SCP-1997-J.

Agent Gribble: Alright, first question. How would you describe your daily life before you entered Foundation custody?

SCP-1997-J Well, I like to think I lived a good life. I woke up, I kissed my wife, ate bacon, ran my store. Some days, I'd stand on the street and have a beer with a couple of old friends of mine.

Agent Gribble: And you don't…miss them at all?

SCP-1997-J: Well, I'll say that I do miss my town and the shop and all that…but I'll tell you what, sometimes, a man has to make sacrifices to do what he needs to do. I myself sell guns and knives to hurt people, because that's what I need to do.

Agent Gribble: Yes, and we're sure to use your weapons to the best of our abilities. Next up, why do you want to hurt people?

SCP-1997-J: Now, that's a very personal question. What if I asked you what you do with your wife at night?

Agent Gribble: It's just a question on the sheet, we just gotta get-

While speaking, one of Agent Gribble's gesticulations causes his arm to make contact with a glass placed on the table separating the agent and SCP-1997-J. This causes the glass to fall onto its side, and the water it contains pours out from the glass's interior onto the table. This causes a portion of the water to stain SCP-1997-J's shirt, which agitates the entity.

SCP-1997-J: Damn it, Bobby!

Agent Gribble: Oh, shit, I'm sorry-

SCP-1997-J rises from its seat and leans forward. It begins to aggressively point its finger at Agent Gribble.

SCP-1997-J: Now, let me tell you something. You people have a problem with respect! I'm just an honest man trying to cause pain in this country, and all I get is a bunch of questions every week like I'm at the doctor's office!

Agent Gribble: Dude, I'm sorry, we try to help-

SCP-1997-J: No, you listen to me, mister, or I'm going to kick your ass! I am a decent American man. I am pro-pain, and I provide the people of this community with pro-pain accessories. And when I see you government suit types spending my hard earned tax dollars on a bunch of interview paper sheets and nagging questions, oh, it just makes me, it just makes me wanna…

SCP-1997-J rubs its head. It then anomalously manifests a revolver. It does not attempt to assault Agent Gribble with the firearm. Due to this action, and the agitated state that SCP-1997-J had entered, Dr. Hill concludes the interview, and Agent Gribble was permitted to exit the interview room.

<End Log>

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