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Item #: SCP-1997

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1997 is to be kept in a plastic sleeve and stored in a secure filing cabinet at Site-19. Photographic records of all known spreads of SCP-1997 are available for review to reduce unnecessary handling of SCP-1997.

Personnel interested in attempting to solve any contents of SCP-1997 should submit a written request to Dr. Chambers.

Description: SCP-1997 is a single sheet of white paper folded into a booklet measuring 12cm x 20cm x 0.5cm.

The front cover features a brightly colored illustration depicting two children, a brown-haired boy and a blonde-haired girl, sliding along a Möbius strip twisted into a figure-eight, with a variety of planets, stars and other celestial objects in the background. The words "Dr. Wondertainment's Infinite Fun-Book™! The Wonders of SPACE!" fill the top third of the cover.

The back cover features a block of text surrounded by a chain of anthropomorphic numbers and letters holding hands.

Stuck inside on a rainy day?
Getting ready for a long car trip?
Open up Dr. Wondertainment's Infinite Fun-Book™ and stretch your brain into a new dimension!
Puzzles, mazes, games and more await you inside Ever-Expanding™ pages!
Science - Nature - History - Space - Art - Collect them all!
You'll never run out of fun! Guaranteed!*

*Guarantee is not legally binding.

Testing has failed to reveal an upper limit to the number of times SCP-1997 can be unfolded. Despite how often SCP-1997 is unfolded, it continues to measure .5cm in depth, although the weight doubles each time. SCP-1997 can subsequently be refolded back to its original size, with any further folding resulting in normal behavior. No attempt to count the number of remaining pages has succeeded; humans invariably lose count and machines produce a variety of errors.

Opening SCP-1997 reveals a black and white 2-page spread featuring a maze and instructions directing the reader to guide Astro Billy, a child in a domed helmet, to his rocket, avoiding various traps including aliens and a black hole. The maze has previously been completed using a green crayon.

Further spreads can be accessed by unfolding SCP-1997 from bottom to top, then from right to left, continuing to alternate directions. Each action doubles the surface area of SCP-1997 and reveals additional activities which increase in size, complexity, and difficulty, many of which share the space exploration theme. Upon retrieval activities had been completed up to the 7th spread, using crayons, pencils and pens. Documented activities include:

  • SCP-1997-3: A "Spot The Differences!" puzzle featuring an alien landscape. - Completed
  • SCP-1997-28: Connecting Apollo astronauts to their respective missions. - Completed incorrectly
  • SCP-1997-112: A crossword puzzle measuring 2m x 2m. - Partially completed
  • SCP-1997-365: Unscrambling the names of 13 planets. These include the planets in our solar system as well as [REDACTED].
  • SCP-1997-874: A cryptogram message from "Commander Nova" containing 1987 characters that has yet to be deciphered by Foundation personnel.
  • SCP-1997-1038: Connecting over 25,000 dots to draw engineering schematics for a Mars lander that matches no known prototype.

Addendum 1:

Several small tears presumably caused by SCP-1997's previous owner indicate that the subject is not indestructible. Excision of a 5cm x 5cm section of SCP-1997 from the 5th spread was approved. The extracted section did not retain SCP-1997's anomalous properties. Requests to attempt a complete penetration of SCP-1997 denied on the grounds that it could irreversibly negate SCP-1997's abilities.

Addendum 2:

SCP-1997 was brought to a secure airplane hangar and unfolded a total of 18 times, reaching an area of approximately 61m x 102m (.63ha). As size and weight increased upwards of 50 personnel were required to complete each unfolding, until space limitations prevented further progress. SCP-1997 retained its original thickness at each stage and was successfully folded back to its original size. Further testing in an outdoor location has been suspended until proper precautions against wind and other weather effects can be enacted.

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