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SCP-1996 manifesting in [REDACTED], Alabama.

Item #: SCP-1996

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any reports of SCP-1996 apparitions are to be concealed via standard disinformation campaign protocols, such as the seizure of local documentation and application of Class-C amnestics. Current attempts at containment are focused on creating or controlling areas determined as probable locations of SCP-1996 apparition events. Any documents left at apparition event sites by SCP-1996 are to be classified as non-anomalous records, archived at Site-77.

Description: SCP-1996 is a humanoid organism, approximately 1.4 meters in height with an unknown weight. It wears clothing similar to stereotypical "tourist" garb, and in 65% of all sightings has been carrying documents (See Addendum for greater detail.).

SCP-1996 phenomenon consists of it appearing at historical or otherwise significant locations in the continental United States. Since its classification as an anomaly on 11/14/1987, SCP-1996 has been documented appearing at or nearby over 210 locations, with a significant number of unverified cases currently under investigation. Locations at which SCP-1996 will materialize appear to be those with very minor historical significance.

When active, SCP-1996 will wander through the location randomly, occasionally stopping to observe objects within the area. It has been documented walking up walls, manifesting chairs in air, walking through stairs which did not exist prior to SCP-1996's appearance, and standing suspended in the air observing scenery. If a subject attempts to speak to SCP-1996, it will respond with some variant of "It(s) all beautiful, isn't it?" Attempts to meet SCP-1996 with hostility will result in it dematerializing.

Occasionally, documents will be left behind by SCP-1996. Documents of this nature appear to relate the area SCP-1996 had appeared in, presented in the form of a tourist's guidebook. As of 11/12/1999, over 200 individual documents relating to SCP-1996 have been recovered, several of which make reference to a "Periscope Publishing"1.

Addendum: Documents relating to SCP-1996 and the location they were found in.

Location/Description ████ Amusement Park, the amusement park constructed in the city of [REDACTED]

SCP-1996 Description: Come one come all, to the greatest park on earth! As you wander an empty and vast plane of rust and depravity, you'll be able to spot the bums suckling at the teat of our liberties on all sides. If you bring a silver dollar, you might be able to buy back your soul. But I doubt it. A vacation destination to be taken by the discriminating gentleman.

Location/Description A home in ████ █████, which was home to the third cousin of renowned poet ███ ███████.

SCP-1996 Description: As we tread to our next location, you might be able to grab an autograph. For it's a powerful and illustrious member of the ███████ family, reduced to guttural misery and puddles of warm wetness and shame. You can munch on concessions as he strolls through the dead gardens, and laugh as his life builds into a leaning tower of failure. A gift shop can be found in the crawl space.

Location/Description Site-████, an inactive Foundation facility. Has the distinction of being the first Foundation facility to be built in the 20th Century

SCP-1996 Description: Visit scenic Zone-████, a perfect place for the whole family to visit for the weekend! SEE the oozing pustules of the Tentacled Stomach, or be amazed as the Dance Machine forces you all to boogie all night! You might even be able to hang out with Riley the Shadow Imp! So come on down, we're sure you'll have an absolute blast.

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