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Item #: SCP-1995

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1995, the location where it was discovered has been converted to Armed Research Site-1995 located at coordinates ██º ██' █.██"N ██º ██' ██.██"E. The entrance of the mine is at approximately 1000m above sea level, while the object itself is around 800m above sea level. The location of ARS-1995 is restricted on a need-to-know basis. The object is currently housed in a chamber measuring approximately 10m x 10m x 15m consisting of natural granitic formation reinforced with hardened concrete around the majority of the chamber, with a 4m x 2m airlock on the easternmost side. The airlock leads to a 2.5m hallway which is to be kept at a near-vacuum unless personnel and/or equipment are being transported to the main chamber. Personnel entering the chamber must be equipped with Level A hazmat equipment. In the event of an emergency, additional Level A hazmat equipment is stored in Storage Area 1995-2, adjacent to the main containment chamber. SCP-1995 is monitored by an array of sensors which detect the exact time of an event, energy released during an event, and exact temperature to thousandths of a Kelvin. The total energy released during an event and the exact time of an event are to be recorded and noted in Ledger 1995-1. Deviations in time between events or energy released during an event are to be reported to the Level 3 researcher on-site immediately. These are defined as greater than 12 24 milliseconds and greater than 38 joules respectively.

Description: SCP-1995 is a tablet that appears to be made of granite measuring approximately 25 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm. The tablet is non-anomalous in appearance, displaying a word in Pashto which translates to "trapped" "feed" "escape" (see Addendum 1995-1). The temperature of the tablet is constant at 282.67 K, and is not affected by changes in ambient temperature.

SCP-1995 nullifies kinetic energy. Due to this effect, the tablet cannot be destroyed, and objects that collide with the item will remain undamaged. The object's secondary effect is that contact with the item precipitates a massive drop in surface temperature; exposed human flesh will within seconds develop frostbite consistent with prolonged exposure. At the conclusion of each 'dormant' cycle, SCP-1995 enters an 'active' phase lasting 1.37 seconds, during which time it releases all energy it has absorbed during the preceding 'dormant' cycle. Of note is the fact that the energy is not released uniformly; rather, it seems to match the pattern of energy input during the 'dormant' cycle. Due to the constant kinetic energy applied through conduction of thermal energy via the air and ground and gravity, and the short length of events, an event will always release a fairly large amount of ionizing radiation.

SCP-1995 was discovered in southern ███████████ by a mining expedition searching for gold deposits. The mining expedition unearthed the object, and was killed by an event before it could contact authorities. However, due to the massive release of radiation not absorbed by the granite surrounding the item, it was detected on sensors owned by the ██████ ██████ ████ designed to detect nuclear weapon discharge in ████ or ████████. A liaison in the ██████ ██████ ████ contacted the Foundation. The death of the mining expedition was published as caused by a ███████ raid, while the radiation anomaly was described as a software malfunction.

Addendum 1995-1:
Following Event-1995-L-3, the writing on the object had changed from "trapped" to a word which translates to "feed". Active testing with the object has ceased, however at the request of Dr. ████████, data from the events will still be recorded, including time of the event and energy released at the event.

Addendum 1995-2:
Following analysis of the data gathered from events, Dr. ████████ observed a correlation between the time between events and the energy released. Notably, it has been discovered that following Event-1995-Λ-3, when the energy released during any event exceeds the highest previously-recorded amount, the period between future events shrinks by 12 milliseconds per excess joule. Containment procedures have been changed to prevent increases in energy beyond [REDACTED] joule per event.

Addendum 1995-3:

Following Event-1995-V-5, the writing on the object had changed from "feed" to a word which translates to "escape". Furthermore, the linear decrease in 'dormancy' periods per excess joule doubled, from 12 to 24 milliseconds. Despite efforts to reduce the amount of kinetic energy SCP-1995 nullifies, there is still sufficient energy being absorbed through ambient heat in the chamber. Research is now focusing on methods to reduce the ambient heat in the chamber drastically.

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