SCP-1985 Recovered Information
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Introductory Note: Much of the following information regarding SCP-1985 still requires deciphering due to an unusual internal information storage & clearance system. (For example, in some instances, highly classified information has been recovered but information of lower classification has not.)

Information recovery is ongoing. Your current access level is: LEVEL 3. Certain information is restricted to Level 4, Level 5, or to SAP "Cantilevered Muskrat".

Project Codename: Rhodes1

Project#: PRJRDS-006205

Sub-Project Identification Label: K-Class Scenario Research Device R-21

Description: R-21 is currently the most successful K-Class Scenario Research Device. [UNDECIPHERED] preceded by many discarded devices and human specimens.


Anomalous Artifact Construction Notes: [UNDECIPHERED] along with a surprising amount of information extrapolated from SCP-1005's anomalous function.2

SCP-2914:3 R-21's trans-universal teleportation method is primarily based on extensive research on 2914. Since 2914's death, its exact anomalous attributes have been duplicated three times, unfortunately permanently psychologically destabilizing each subject. [RECOVERED EXPUNGED DATA: Duplication has failed in the remaining 197 experimental subjects.] None of these three subjects can be considered suitable for extra-reality expeditions.

[UNDECIPHERED] Further, 2914's ability will not work at all when not implanted in a human being. It must be partially controlled and activated by a partially organic device. However, it has been impossible to replicate the higher-brain functions unique to 2914 which allowed it to be affected by its ability without losing sanity. All these factors are what primarily requires a device implanted in a human subject, combined with [RECOVERED EXPUNGED DATA: elements of the organic 'brain' of SCP-1313 instances.4 ]

Despite extensive experimentation, researchers have not been able to perfectly replicate the 'safety feature' that 2914 apparently utilized during its teleportation, that allowed it to arrive in areas (relatively) safe for human habitation. R-21 and two other Rhodes subjects display a functional safety feature that will only activate upon return but works improperly upon initial trip, only going as far as to "hinge" the subject to the Earth's crust [UNDECIPHERED]

SCP-1313:5 [UNDECIPHERED] for the neural network to function and properly target specific realities despite (or perhaps because of) biological nature. Programming must consist of a specific "goal-set" that is simple, easily understood, and extensively documented. Naturally, this does not propose a problem. [UNDECIPHERED]

[UNDECIPHERED] Unfortunately, it is difficult to test the protection from reality shifts derived from SCP-4879 and SCP-4777.6 Four subjects have been wiped from existence in localized events already. RK-21 is ███ ██ ███ ████ ████████ in which protection seems to be fully functioning.

[UNDECIPHERED] It is unknown if this course of action could result in the triggering of another event, but it is considered doubtful. Circumstantial fallout of Project ███████ aside, we feel the risks are acceptable.

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