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Item #: SCP-1985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1985 is contained at Sub-Site-███, and is to be kept in good condition and health. Ongoing research on SCP-1985-A is mandatory.

If SCP-1985 is judged to become a significant security risk due to exposure to another anomalous entity, device error, or any other reason, Protocol 1985-Adahn will be enacted. Protocol 1985-Adahn is classified Level 4 and will be automatically disseminated to all personnel involved with SCP-1985 in case of containment breach.

Mobile Task Force Omicron-1985 is responsible for retrieving SCP-1985 upon its return from an excursion. Deployment of mass amnestics is pre-approved if SCP-1985's return is witnessed by multiple members of the civilian populace.

SCP-1985 has been implanted with a tracking device and is currently allowed Class 1 (full/non-restricted) free-roaming and socialization privileges with approved site personnel, granted based on continued good behavior. Per Class 1 protocols, SCP-1985 is not allowed to enter non-approved areas of Sub-Site-███ (or any applicable facility), and not allowed outside its containment area without being accompanied by approved personnel (except upon temporary involuntary relocation). Approved personnel may interact with SCP-1985 under protocol guidelines, and may refer to SCP-1985 by its first name. Approval of personnel for Class 1 interaction with SCP-1985 is currently handled by Dr. Glass.

SCP-1985's containment chamber currently includes a computer with an Internet connection. All data sent to an outside network by SCP-1985 is managed by monitoring personnel. No real-time access is allowed. See Containment Protocol R-Zenith-13.

During excursions, SCP-1985 is to have assigned equipment on its person at all times. All retrieved items are to be secured as soon as possible once an excursion ends.

Description: SCP-1985 is a female human of African-American origin, named Jacqueline Johnson. SCP-1985-A is a trans-universal teleportation device implanted in SCP-1985's body, including millions of ultra-thin components in its brain and spinal cord, and several large components located in its thorax and abdomen. Anomalous qualities of both SCP-1985 and SCP-1985-A appear to have been based on qualities of multiple other SCP items.

When SCP-1985 dies, SCP-1985-A is activated.

Upon activation, SCP-1985-A transports SCP-1985 to what appears to be a parallel reality. This parallel reality will usually (approx. 95% rate) be undergoing a K-Class scenario somewhat consistent with the Jackson K-Class Classification System. The 5% deviation is thought to result from utilization of a slightly different K-Class classification system than in use by any currently extant Foundation branches.1

The destination reality that SCP-1985 is transported to cannot be perfectly controlled, but certain realities and types of scenarios can be targeted by "priming" SCP-1985. SCP-1985 is primed by exposure to materials related to the goal topic in the period shortly before initiation of an excursion.

Any items or persons that SCP-1985 is in contact with (and specifically desires to transport) are transported with it. SCP-1985 cannot transport any material except what it is wearing if unconscious for more than 5 minutes prior to death. SCP-1985 can similarly transport objects when returning.

Two-way communication is possible with SCP-1985 during an excursion; signals may be sent and received as if all equipment was located in the same reality. Signals are apparently shielded from carrying anomalous effects.

SCP-1985 arrives in the alternate reality in a random location close to the surface of Earth's crust. This location may be of any nature, whether underwater, underground, or mid-atmosphere. For this reason (and others), transportation of personnel with SCP-1985 is inadvisable.

SCP-1985 is returned to life in a significantly altered physical state. In SCP-1985's altered state, it is highly resistant to all forms of physical injury, as well as many anomalous effects. It gains significantly enhanced physical ability and sensory perception. It is able to survive without food, water, and oxygen for a prolonged period of time (variant based on unknown factors). Components of SCP-1985-A extrude from its body, notably fine metallic threads covering the surface of its skin.

SCP-1985-A will return SCP-1985 from its excursion once one of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • SCP-1985 dies.
  • SCP-1985 does not die, but is subject to completely crippling damage, or a loss of more than 10% of its body mass.
  • 6 (six) months have passed. SCP-1985 claims that this six-month time period is a "default setting" that can be altered with proper devices, and that it can stay in the destination reality for several years before running out of power.

SCP-1985 is returned alive and free of physical injury, in its baseline physical state. Usually, SCP-1985 will return to a random location not inimical to survival (in contrast to excursion initiation).

SCP-1985 will always undergo an automatic "scheduled" excursion event if 30 days pass with no triggered excursions occurring. Mechanism for cause of death in this case is unclear; all its bodily functions cease to operate simultaneously. SCP-1985 claims the 1-month time period may also be altered with control devices.

Foundation researchers have been able to interface with SCP-1985-A. Information recovery is ongoing. Efforts to reconstruct SCP-1985-A control devices are currently underway.

SCP-1985 was discovered on ██/██/████ in [REDACTED] Los Angeles, California, two days after it was witnessed by locals "appearing out of thin air". SCP-1985 evaded the witnesses and checked itself into a local hospital. SCP-1985 expressed confusion at the delay in recovery once Foundation personnel arrived. According to SCP-1985, the Foundation implanted it with SCP-1985-A and had been sending it on regular excursions, until contact was unexpectedly dropped during its last trip.

SCP-1985 appears to have been designed by the Foundation in an alternate reality or [REDACTED] under a program referred to as Project Rhodes. All anomalous traits of SCP-1985 appear to have been derived from anomalous objects contained by the Foundation. SCP-1985 was one of thirty-seven other "successful" products of Project Rhodes (which also produced five hundred and ninety-three "unsuccessful" products), and is referred to as "K-Class Scenario Research Device R-21".

See SCP-1985 Recovered Information. [DATA EXPUNGED] No other "successful" products of Project Rhodes have yet been discovered.

SCP-1985 displays the following notable physical traits:

  • History of clinical depression, anorexia nervosa, cancer, and alcoholism.
  • Extensive scar tissue present throughout its body, both internally and externally (particularly around the spine and back of head).
  • Drastically slowed aging process. Pre-recovery use of amnestics has made actual age difficult to discern. Appears to be in late twenties.
  • Possible protection from some restructuring events.
  • [Level 3 Access Granted] SCP-1985 has a duplicate living in [REDACTED]. Duplicate is identical to SCP-1985 except lacking anomalous attributes.

Protocol 1985-Adahn: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Excursions: Individuals with appropriate clearance level may access further details of SCP-1985's excursions in Disseminated Documentation 1985-Alpha.


Per request: A representative example of a lowered priming success rate is Excursion 289-0AJ-PO5, in which SCP-1985 was primed with information about [REDACTED], and agitated via references to SCP-1985's homosexuality and religious background. This resulted in SCP-1985 traveling to a reality in which a Christianity-based cult had exterminated all non-heterosexual humans via anomalous means. I've attached a file listing similar results. This is why we don't recommend agitating SCP-1985 outside of guidelines. At best, you'll end up with a lowered success rate.
- Dr. ███████

Addendum: SCP-1985 has been able to access the following K-Class scenarios (following the Jackson K-Class Classification System):

  • XK-class Type Alpha (scorched earth) end of the world scenarios
  • XK-class Type Omega (religious) end of the world scenarios
  • CK-class restructuring scenarios
  • AK-class "madness" end of the world scenarios
  • EK-class "consciousness-loss" end of the world scenarios
  • NK-class "grey goo" end of the world scenarios
  • RK-class "out-competition" restructuring scenarios
  • SK-class dominance shift scenarios
  • IK-class collapse of global civilization scenarios

Addendum: On 05/19/████, SCP-1985 submitted a single request for administration of Class-N targeted amnestics. Request was denied.

Update: Personnel with Level 4 clearance may refer to Excursion XJU-034-IQ1 for further information on SCP-1985's nature.

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