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Item#: 1984-J
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: George Orwell's estate must be seized at all costs. After this, publication of SCP-1984-J will be halted indefinitely. Copies of SCP-1984-J will be gathered by MTF-δ-9184 ("The Overspecifics"), whereafter they are to be incinerated.

Simultaneously with these efforts, latent C-Class amnestics are to be released by air throughout the planet. Once all copies of SCP-1984-J have been destroyed, these amnestics are to be activated, permanently eliminating any memory of SCP-1984-J from human consciousness.

Description: SCP-1984-J is the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by English author George Orwell. SCP-1984-J tells the story of a hypothetical dystopia in which independent thought is criminalized and an unseen character called "Big Brother" is worshipped as a dictator.

SCP-1984-J compels people who are aware of it to compare any use of control or power to the dystopia portrayed in Orwell's work, no matter how absurd of a comparison this may be. Consult Addendum 1 for more information.

While no individual appears entirely immune to this effect, individuals who have actually read SCP-1984-J seem much less susceptible.

Addendum 1:
The following is an incomplete list of concepts compared to SCP-1984-J by Foundation Staff:

  • The use of amnestics to maintain the Veil;
  • The SCP Foundation's numerous misinformation campaigns;
  • The containment of humanoid anomalies;
  • Being requested not to defecate in a personal trashcan;
  • The termination of a Portuguese tribal community;
  • The implementation of ACS across the SCP Foundation;
  • Site-4214's dress code policies, specifically the wearing of safety goggles during experiments;
  • "Project: Whack-A-Mole";
  • The United States Government doing anything, ever, for any reason;
  • The Dictionary;
  • Redaction and expungement of non-info/cognitohazards;
  • The existence of gay people;
  • The implementation of stringent countermeasures to control dangerous thought across the non-anomalous world through introduction of alternative facts so as to maintain a safe normalcy;
  • Any political ideology except for Neoliberalism;
  • Neoliberalism;
  • "Every religion that has ever existed, I swear";
  • Internet Moderation.
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