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Item #: SCP-1981-J

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: SCP-1981-J-1 is to be kept in a lonely world. Once per week, it is to be escorted by a contingent of agents from MTF Eta-10 (Perry’s Pipers) onto the midnight train going anywhere.1 SCP-1981-J-2 is to be contained in South Detroit, where it was born and raised. It is also to be escorted by MTF Eta-10 onto the midnight train going anywhere. No contact is to be allowed between SCP-1981-J-1 and -2 until they arrive at their destination.

Once SCP-1981-J-1 and -2 arrive at their destination, they are to be kept in a smoky room, which contains a singer, the smell of wine and cheap perfume. Should SCP-1981-J-1 smile at SCP-1981-J-2, or vice-versa, after 6 PM, ESCAPE Protocol is to be enacted immediately.2

Description: SCP-1981-J consists of two shadows, searching in the night. They were discovered up and down the boulevard in ███████, Ontario, by strangers who had been waiting for the bus. SCP-1981-J are predatory metamorphic organisms, capable of altering their forms at will; however, they both have forms which are highly preferred. SCP-1981-J-1 most commonly takes the form of streetlights, while SCP-1981-J-2 prefers the form of people. It is currently unknown if SCP-1981-J are alive; they are able to communicate, and their metamorphic abilities allow for facial expressions and body language, but they posses no vital signs, and are unwilling to cooperate in experiments. Current theories suggest that SCP-1981-J are living just to find emotion. Interviews with witnesses to SCP-1981-J's capture suggested that there were additional instances hiding somewhere in the night; MTF Eta-10 is on the lookout, but has not found any evidence to suggest this. See Incident 1981-J-A.

Incident SCP-1981-J-A: On May 19 2009, numerous instances of SCP-1981-J were discovered on the set of the television show ████, resulting in █ fatalities before containment could be enacted. Due to the publicity surrounding the show, amnestics were distributed to the surviving cast, and Agents Morrison and Lynch were inserted to replace actors slain by SCP-1981-J. Upgrade to Keter is pending approval.

Note from Agent Morrison: Please get me out of here. A man can only listen to so much a cappella.

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