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Item #: SCP-1968

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1968 is to be secured in a bunker 300m underground accessible only by a single elevator requiring positive action at both the top and bottom of the shaft to operate. Armed guards are to be present at both ends. In case of incursion from within or without, the elevator shaft is to have an explosive self-destruct activated rendering it impassable. In the event of an incursion, guards must be considered expendable.

Description: SCP-1968 appears in its inactive state to be a bronze torus of unknown composition. It has a major diameter of 320cm and a minor diameter of 90cm. It is marked with raised features or glyphs, the presumption being that they act as control surfaces. It is difficult to photograph or visually inspect the artifact as it appears to bend light. Mild, fluctuating gravitational effects have also been observed.

It has proven impossible to take a sample of the artifact. Spectrographic attempts have proven inconclusive. Although not particularly heavy (weighing ~14Kg), inertial and angular momentum studies suggest that neutronium1 (in vanishingly small quantities) may be present in the body of the mechanism.

SCP-1968 demonstrates its anomalous properties when it is handled by a human being. When moderate force is applied to it, it will begin to deform in unpredictable ways, its material composition will appear to change, and it will become animated, surrounding the subject in convolutions and undulating increasingly faster. Its primary effect will manifest itself when an unpredictable threshold is met, after which the artifact will return to its original state.

At this point, the subject will have had their memories altered. They will no longer agree with the historical record, often profoundly. Their self-reported personal history will be at odds with Foundation personnel records. As a consequence, they will often assume a posture of agitation and paranoia. The more pronounced the deformation of the artifact, the more divergent their memories will be. It is theorized that the glyphs, via means as of yet unknown, control the degree of deformation and its resultant effects.

Recovery Log: SCP-1968 was recovered in late 2001 from a core-sample extracted ██ Km deep during a petrochemical survey near Zackenberg, Greenland. Based on the depth from which it was recovered — along with corroborating paleoatmospheric readings — the artifact is estimated to be 31± 2.3 million years old.

Foundation personnel intercepted the radio transmission of its discovery and, owing to its unusual nature and age, moved to secure the artifact. Class B amnestics were administered to the personnel in Greenland, along with those individuals at the governing authority in Denmark who had been made aware of its discovery. Once on site, it was discovered that one of the geological engineers had been placed under a 72 hour psychiatric hold after violently assaulting a colleague and behaving in a manner consistent with the Foundation test subject (see below). It is presumed that they had handled the artifact.

The unauthorized viewing of the following material is prohibited without the consent of a majority of the O5 level administrators. Failure to adhere to this directive will result in termination.

Note: this directive is rescinded in the event of an imminent CK, VK, XK, ZK, or Dedekind-uu class event.

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