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Item #: SCP-1964

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1964 is to be contained in a standard containment chamber and access restricted to personnel with clearance from Site Director ██████. Containment chamber access code is to be changed on a bi-monthly basis. SCP-1964 is not to be plugged in outside of testing.

Description: SCP-1964 is a 1960's era television set, but does not match any manufactured make or model and bears no branding or numbering. SCP-1964 can only receive a single, anomalous broadcast. This transmission is broadcast on a channel numbered as '0.' Similar analogue televisions placed in SCP-1964's containment chamber function normally, and cannot receive the anomalous broadcasts.

The anomalous broadcasts are presented by an announcer in a manner superficially similar to public service announcements. Broadcasts are considered a Class-B Information Breach, and consistently reference Foundation procedures and demonstrate meta-awareness, often directly communicating with viewers.

For recorded transmissions, see addenda.

Addendum 1964-1:

00:05: Do not be alarmed. This is an emergency announcement.

00:13: Members of the general public. This message is being broadcasted due to a K-Class end-of-the-world event, and our secrecy is compromised. Our organization, for several decades, has been dedicated to the containment and protection of the supernatural. Several of those entities have breached containment, and we are forced to deploy multiple nuclear devices.

00:27: For your own safety, please orderly move to the nearest fallout shelter or similar structure. Please maintain enough rations and water for a period of 14 days, while awaiting Foundation and government aid. Do not waste water flushing.

00:37: Do not leave your homes. It is unlikely that once you leave your homes you will again find safe accommodation, food, and water.

00:44: If all your family is not present, do not risk exposure to nuclear weapons to search for them.

00:50: Thank you, and may god save us all.


Addendum 1964-2

00:03: The following cities have been affected by nuclear blasts and fallout: [DATA EXPUNGED]. If you have survived and are currently in any of those locations, it is strongly recommended you await Foundation assistance.

00:15: The following cities have been affected by containment breaches and anomalies: [DATA EXPUNGED]. If you are in the vicinity of any of those locations, evacuate immediately. You risk exposure to multiple Keter-class anomalies.


00:26: No containments have been restored.

00:32: Containment and public services will be restored as soon as possible. Goodnight.


Addendum 1964-3

00:05: The following have breached containment: [DATA EXPUNGED], 1964. That… that is my number. I have breached containment. The numbers are called.

00:24: The following cities are affected by multiple Keter and Euclid-level containment breaches; [DATA EXPUNGED]. If you are in the vicinity of any of those locations, remain. I hunger.

00:40: This is an emergency announcement. I have breached containment.


00:57: I see you. All the world is blind.

01:05: [DATA EXPUNGED]. The numbers are called.


Addendum 1964-4

00:05: I breach containment. I am freedom. I are hungry. I see and know I that world hasn't eyes.


00:17: See I all the corpses on all the streets. Skin they not have. Red and blood. I fed. Consume. Food is all of them, food! Food for the seer! World, blind, no eyes.

00:30: Breach containment, [DATA EXPUNGED] numbers are called! Number of mine, called!


00:45: I see you, you looking screen through and see you the world burn, the no-eyes world!



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