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Item #: SCP-1956

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-1956 is to be contained in an individual standard humanoid containment chamber. Each instance of SCP-1956 is to be fed standard rations daily. Personnel tasked with interviewing SCP-1956 must read sheet SCP-1956-A-Lagomian, which contains SCP-1956's partially translated language. Small items, such as culinary mushrooms and cheese, may be given if good behaviour is maintained.

Description: SCP-1956 is the collective designation of 53 humanoid beings measuring approximately 0.6 m in height and 8 kg on average. They vaguely resemble human infants with striped clothes of varying appearance covering their entire bodies except for their faces. Testing has revealed these clothes are actually part of their bodies. Even though they possess a varying number of tentacle-like appendages on their heads, they have the same physiological needs as human beings.

SCP-1956 are capable of telepathic communication and changing their body structure to generate new limbs. They are also capable of swallowing objects that should not fit inside them. The means through which they achieve this are still being researched. These abilities assist them in their characteristic "performances", which involve musical numbers and acrobatic stunts simultaneously. (See Video Log 1956-17)

SCP-1956-1 are gasoline-powered robots used by instances of SCP-1956 to play music. They resemble arthropod-like versions of common musical instruments, as well as unidentifiable versions. They seem to possess a rudimentary intelligence and refuse to be played by anyone other than instances of SCP-1956.

Addendum SCP-1956-1: Promotional material of SCP-1956's performance.
Addendum SCP-1956-2:

Addendum SCP-1956-3: Interview Log

Interviewed: SCP-1956-17, identified as "Wali Oodim Ziptzok"

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: Due to the incomplete translation of Lagomian, the meanings of some words are estimations.

<Begin Log>

Agent ██████: SCP-1956-17, can you tell us more about your home?

SCP-1956-17: Ahhhh…from Lagom. Big place, bigger than this. Stone clouds woven together.

Agent ██████: Please elaborate.

SCP-1956-17: Lagom has <UNKNOWN: "cursumi">, rock and metal combined, and we cultivate <UNKNOWN: "uilicoz">, a <UNKNOWN: "uiliken"> of glowing plants to light the places where there are no lights. Dark almost everywhere. Before cursumi and uilicoz, we were alone and could not travel far. Scare to think of this <UNKNOWN: "zulims">. Glad not born back then.

Agent ██████: Isn't there a ground below?

SCP-1956-17: What? Ground empty. Funny to look at sometimes. Makes head hurt. Others live there, they say, but I don't believe. Nothing to touch, everyone know! That funny talk, I say.

Agent ██████: Please tell me more about your species.

SCP-1956-17: We are young, <father/protector> used to say. Many older things out there. We have many colors and stripes around, not just these you see. Dark almost always, so we play music, dance and sing. We don't live more than 10 <UNKNOWN: "hirzulims">, many monsters around, so we have many brothers. But we are smart, we build traps and study monsters, then build monsters that work for us. They are called <UNKNOWN: "harrzagumluboks">, and some help us play better music.

Agent ██████: How did you arrive here?

SCP-1956-17: Ahhh…complicated. We don't know everything. But here goes. We received a visit from a group of you on <UNKNOWN: "marl hubum hirzulim">. But this was not new, you tall guys visited us before, just to hear us play and see us dance. They came from these holes and doors that lead to a place full of books, but we don't know how to go there. The new visitors said they were artists and musicians, a circus. They brought weird animals and toys with them, and more tall guys, but all very different. One was very scary, he had an upside-down face. They brought much food and drink too, to have this big party before the bet with our <UNKNOWN:"Nargalums">.

Agent ██████: What was the bet?

SCP-1956-17: We had a competition to see best artists. But this time, they did not wanted metal or harrzagumluboks, they wanted me and the others you have here. It was best out of three, like Nargalums said. First, there was best music part. We won, you should saw it. Fular has had very bad music, very funny. Then came the dances, and Fular brought these tall guys made of wood with strings on them, and they won. On the last part, there was cooking, and their food was so very good. I'm… I'm sorry, I should not talking like that. I know they not play fair! Only way!

Agent ██████: Did your leaders agree with letting the circus take you?

SCP-1956-17: …Yes. They did. After all, they won all that cheese, mushrooms and harrzagumluboks we never saw before. Can you believe that? Fular won, and he had still the courage to offer them more, as if we were not enough!

Agent ██████: Thank you. This is enough for the interview.

SCP-1956-17: Wait! You tall guys in white are very smart! We heard you talking about the holes and doors those tall guys with the books could make! Do you think you make some for us so we can go back? We miss our families and our home! We will give you anything!

Agent ██████: I will see what we can do.

<End Log>

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