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Item #: SCP-1955-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation facilities must maintain separate video and audio surveillance systems under the guise of aiding memetic containment. Under no circumstances are video surveillance devices which are also capable of recording audio to be installed in any Foundation site.

Foundation operatives are to infiltrate manufacturers and distributors of surveillance equipment and ensure that security networks combining both audio and video recording capabilities remain either prohibitively expensive or subject to debilitating technical flaws.

Description: SCP-1955-J is an anomalous form of audio distortion known to impact video surveillance recordings in all Foundation facilities. This effect does not occur with systems recording either video or audio independently, even when such systems are recording the same events as SCP-1955-J affected recordings.

SCP-1955-J tends to appear when the following conditions are met:
- At least three mobile entities1 are visible to one or more surveillance devices.
- The entitles interact for more than 30 seconds.
- One or more of the entities could be described as "pursuing" or "fleeing" another entity.

When these conditions are met, any audio recorded by affected devices will be completely replaced by an energetic, high-tempo arrangement of saxophone and other brass instruments typically described by personnel as "raucous" or "saucy." Furthermore, any dramatic events within these recordings (e.g., physical collisions, rapid containment barrier extension, graphic evisceration, or [DATA EXPUNGED]) are punctuated with exaggerated sounds produced by obscure instruments such as bicycle horns, slide whistles, or zithers.2 (For example SCP-1955-J recordings, See Addendum 1955-J-1.)

SCP-1955-J distortions are capable of spreading between recording devices and systems, with the audio distortion transferring between recordings as entities exit or enter the views of other devices. New entities entering a SCP-1955-J recording are capable of extending its effect if they either enter a physical altercation with an originating entity or if they begin to pursue or flee such entities.

Given the pervasive presence of surveillance networks and handheld video recording in first-world nations, any SCP-1955-J affected entities escaping a Foundation facility could result in a global BH-class salacious media scenario.

Addendum 1955-J-1: Typical SCP-1955-J Recordings

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