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Item #: SCP-1953

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-1953 may be kept in a standard containment locker at Site 20. Individuals infected with SCP-1953-1 are to be housed in a secure containment cell at Bio-Research Area-17.

Description: SCP-1953 is the collective designation of 26 objects commonly found in bedrooms, such as pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and alarm clocks. SCP-1953-1 refers to an unknown number of bipedal beings measuring 4 cm on average and resembling Periplaneta americana (American cockroach) which appear when a human subject enters REM sleep within 5 meters of an instance of SCP-1953. Evidence suggests instances of SCP-1953-1 are capable of reading and understanding spoken English, but so far have not responded to attempts to communicate.

When such an event occurs, instances of SCP-1953-1 will search for any surrounding human subjects and attempt to enter their mouths. SCP-1953 instances exhibit an unexplained ability to calm living human subjects, preventing them from waking up or reacting while this occurs.

Once inside, instances of SCP-1953-1 will move towards the stomach and settle there. Any attempt to surgically remove instances of SCP-1953-1 fails due to warped space inside the stomach, which results in the arm of the individual attempting surgery to appear outside of the body. Despite this, endoscopes can still be sent inside affected subjects.

After they settle inside the stomach, instances of SCP-1953-1 will begin building several constructs using pieces of food ingested by the affected individual in question. Instances of SCP-1953-1 secrete an unknown bacteria from their abdomen which reconstructs chewed food and prevents the stomach acid and bile salts from working. Occasionally, an affected individual will begin sleepwalking and ingesting objects that would normally be dangerous to consume. They cause no harm due to the warped space. It is suspected that instances of SCP-1953-1 cause these behaviours to expand their art galleries.

There appear to be multiple, competing "schools" of art among instances of SCP-1953-1. The difference between schools is based on characteristics like the types of food used and artistic genre.1

Addendum: Sample Artistic Pieces Found Inside Affected Subjects

Title Of The Piece Description
Beauties In White Several dresses made of rice and onions and glued together with whipped cream.
Bloody Inevitability A toboggan made ​​of various types of pasta, with a pool of tomato sauce at the end.
Sir Zztok Long Antennae the Fifth in the Third War Against the Rebels Several models of armoured instances of SCP-1953-1 riding beetle-like animals and carrying swords into battle, with one side being led by an instance with very long antennae. All are made of pieces of fruit. The battleground is a miniature volcano which releases Caesar salad.
Until When? A ball of blue toothpaste covered in broccoli. The broccoli are almost all cut apart and have expressions of pain carved into them.
Ancient Gods Several models of instances of SCP-1953-1 hiding inside a cave, both made of cookie dough. On the outside are replicas of flying, disk shaped beings or vehicles dropping balls of red cookie dough on giant, roach-like animals made of bone fragments.
The Birth of the Monster A sculpture made out of various types of cheese. It resembles a mass of the limbs of instances of SCP-1953-1. Any instances which approach the sculpture are grabbed by their limbs and absorbed into it. The absorbed instance then appears on the top of "Bloody Inevitability".
Our Future A classroom made out of Doritos. The students and teacher are absent. The blackboard has been replaced with the following message, written with ketchup: "No class today. Go play video games".
The Nice Guy Shakes His Shiny Shoes A toy robot with exaggerated feet which runs around stepping on animated models of instances of SCP-1953-1 made out of mayonnaise.
Problem? Animated models of instances of SCP-1953-1 made out of bread wearing lab coats and orange jumpsuits inside a glass frog.
Welcome Financial Advice An animated chocolate cake with a mouth. When instances of SCP-1953-1 drop their own money into the mouth, it releases a note which reads "stop wasting money".
Good Listener A wall made of strawberry cheesecake. It contains several heads of instances of SCP-1953-1. When instances attempt to talk to the wall, it responds by singing "99 Bottles of Beer" backwards.
Family Trip A real, miniature slot car track. Each car is filled with the fake antennae of instances of SCP-1953-1. When the track is turned on, each car starts moving and the antennae start having arguments over whether or not they have already reached their destination, before the cars collide with each other. Source of power is unknown.
Happy Hour A strip club made out of Mentos. Several instances of SCP-1953-1 are dancing around a live turkey wearing women's underwear while Ray Charles' "Mess Around" plays on a radio. Context unknown.
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