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Item #: SCP-1950-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1950-J is to be housed in a tower Standard Foundation Single occupant elevated cylindrical containment room. Subject is to be provided with tattered clothes, scraps from Site 19 kitchen, household cleaning implements, and books in the fantasy or adventure genre; preferably ones featuring romantic subplots and fanciful settings SCP-1950-J-1 will never get to experience. At all times, two ugly security personnel and/or researchers of a similar age to SCP-1950-J’s appearance must be on hand to deliver appropriate insults and demands for menial labor.

As of incident SCP-1950-J-Gamma, subject is no longer to be allowed out of her cell under any circumstances.

Personnel assigned to SCP-1950-J must be screened for musical ability. Any staff with a capacity for performing song/dance routines must not work in close proximity to SCP-1936-J-1. Personnel infected by SCP-1950-J-2 must be administered Class B amnestics, followed by a 4-week period of quarantined observation. In the event this treatment is ineffective, the personnel must be terminated to prevent spreading the infection.

Any instance of SCP-1950-J-3 and associated anomalous beings are to be dealt with according to procedure 666.

Description: SCP-1950-J refers to SCP-1950-J-1 and its related effects. SCP-1950-J-1 is a human female of European lineage, with the only outwardly anomalous feature being eyes and pupils that are 5 times the human average, body proportions that would make normal human functions, such as eating, impossible, and perpetually appearing to be 18 years old. Interviews with 1950-J-1 has determined that she was the daughter of the king in exile of the kingdom of [DATA EXPUNGED]. No records exist of this country.

SCP-1950-J-1 was discovered in the home of senior researcher Barbaracia, who came to be the sole guardian of her, following the death of 1950-J-1’s original father in a freak and tragic stabbing accident. After keeping her as a household servant and forcing her to dress in rags and eat only crumbs and garbage, SCP-1950-J-1 began to manifest its first and primary anomalous feature.

On 27/11/13, SCP-1950-J began to manifest its primary anomalous feature, the production of SCP-1950-J-2, which was in turn reproduced by researcher Barbaracia. SCP-1950-J-2 is a memetic audio frequency that takes the form of a variety of songs sung by 1950-J-1, but all reproductions and recordings have similar effects. These songs vary in length, complexity and style, seemingly at random, though remaining consistent for years at a time before shifting to a different style. However, these songs always retain a similar lyrical focus on themes of discovery, hope, a longing for true love, believing in yourself, and other subject matter we do not need to reinforce to the other anomalies.

1950-J-2’s primary anomalous effect comes when it is heard by an object or creature that is itself anomalous, be it thaumatological or technological. Upon being exposed to an instance of 1950-J-2, all living, sapient anomalous beings enter a trance-like state for .34 seconds, after which they flock to whatever is emitting it, and begin joining in the instance, providing chorus singing, backup vocals, harmony parts, and choreographed dance numbers. Non-living anomalous items will manifest large, cartoonish eyeballs from random places (including hovering in mid-air for noncorporeal or abstract concept anomalies), and join in as if they were sentient.

During its prolonged containment, 1950-J-1 has demonstrated the ability to either attract or spontaneously generate instances of 1950-J-3. 1950-J-3 refers to a male humanoid of diverse possible racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, but all with roughly the same face and personality. 1950-J-3 displays an acute knowledge of the precise Foundation facility that 1950-J-1 is being contained at, and each instance will attempt to assault the facility, along with a variety of magical allies, collectively referred to as SCP-1950-J-4 until individual capture and classification. All instances of 1950-J-4 have so far displayed a preference for behaviour deemed "marketable" over actions that would assist in freeing 1950-J-1.

Procedure 666: In the event of an attack on site by an SCP-1950-J-3 instance and associated beings, researchers and security personnel are to, in all cases, resist the urge to transform into a giant monstrous form to attack them as “you really are”. Please keep in mind that this has a very low success rate, and even when successful, has tended to make returning to usual functions difficult. Instead, security personnel are encouraged to just shoot the present 1950-J-3 instance, usually the prettiest one, in the head. Lacking the leadership of the -3 instance and “the hope of seeing true loves first kiss”, the other beings can be contained and classified easily.

Incident 1950-J-Gamma:

Transcript taken from recording of SCP-1950-J-1's scheduled exercise period, taken in a nearby meadow at SCP-1950-J-1's request. This is the first fully recorded instance of 1950-J-2, during which she ran through the grass.

SCP-1950-J-1: Where am I now? Is it a place to fear?
What will I see, more snarls and more sneers?
Am I to live just shuttered away?
Never again, to see the light, of day?

This warmth….I know it. From years before.
The light, is a light, I’d give the world for
The blades ‘neath my feet, not the cold concrete cell,
have I finally escaped, that cold, emotionless hell?

The sweet smell of summer is still on the air,
As sweet as smile of my prince, tall and fair,
They told me my people no longer remain,
But I know that somehow I'll bring them all back, again

It's out there, my home, my people, calling me back to them
Out there, somewhere, be it in Cairo or Bethlehem,
I can't stop, I can't wait, I can't get distracted,
I know I can do it, if I just [REDACTED]

They’ll be back, they’ll be home, they’ll be free,
I know it can happen, so just wait and see,
And it will all be, because of me,
If I can only be, where I need to be.

Sr. Researcher Sherman: Man, there’s just something so empowering, seeing her run off like that.

Security Personnel Lopez: Hey, is she gonna come back?

(3 second silence)

Sr. Researcher Sherman: Oh, son of a….

Rest of recording consists of Researcher Sherman swearing copiously.

Addendum: As of 20/03/2016, possible passive additional effect of SCP-1950-J has been observed. Upon being informed of the latest foiled attempt by SCP-1950-J-3 to breach containment, Administrator Jensen was observed rubbing their hands, cackling, and saying “Good, Soon I WILL BE THE PRETTIEST OF ALL! MUAHAHAHAH!” As of writing, Administrator Jensen is still relatively unattractive, even by the common standards of bald 93-year-old men. Further study is required.

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