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The following document has been designated Explained, and has therefore been archived for future reference. There are no special containment procedures to enact. Submit a request to RAISA personnel to access additional files relevant to the document.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-1949-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Agents were to operate alongside the Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU), and local law enforcement in apprehending SCP-1949-EX. Details regarding the case were to be concealed from the general public. The UIU were to report all findings to the Foundation.

Upon SCP-1949-EX's capture, it was to be transferred to a nearby Foundation facility. Long-term cover-up procedures of the case were to be performed.

Description: SCP-1949-EX were a series of homicides between 1967 to 1969 throughout the midwestern United States. A total of 8 victims were recovered under circumstances appearing ritualistic in nature. Cause of death was by asphyxiation or suffocation although two bodies exhibited signs of cranial trauma.

Each body was found in a ring of crushed mushrooms mixed with salt in local forests. The eyes, a tooth, a vertebral rib, and a patch of skin were removed from the body. On nearby objects in a 3 m radius to the victim, unidentified symbols were engraved that faced toward the direction of the corpse. The significance of these symbols were unknown.

The Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU) brought SCP-1949-EX to the Foundation's attention on September 5, 1967. The corpses of ███ ████████, and ████ █████ were found in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest of Indiana. The nature of the deaths attracted the suspicion of the UIU of possible cult-related activity. Foundation agents were sent to monitor the investigation, and attempt to apprehend those responsible for questioning.

The investigation concluded on March 13, 1969 with the arrest of █████ ████████. See Addendum 03.

Addendum 01: UIU Correspondence

From Agent David Bennett, Unusual Incidents Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation
To Agent Jean Philips, MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds")
Subject Request for additional assistance

On behalf of the Unusual Incident Unit, I am writing to request the establishment of a proper joint-effort in regards to the midwest murders. Standard resources are being poured into the case by the rest of the Bureau, but with your help we could catch the culprit of these crimes faster. In addition, prevent whatever function the ritual may entail if allowed to continue.

From Agent Jean Phillips, MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds")
To Agent David Bennet, Unusual Incidents Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subject RE: Request for additional assistance

You already have a few of our agents monitoring the case. No further resources will be spent by us until confirmation of anomalous activity. We already have our hands tied elsewhere.

It is your job to find those responsible, and to bring them to us. Until you suddenly start dealing with a culprit that shoots lightning from their eyes, contact us. We would be more than happy to deal with it.

Addendum 02: Journal Entries of █████ ████████

The following content was found in a notebook retrieved from the residence of █████ ████████ shortly after his arrest. Pages were torn out but a few remained. Some of the pages contained incoherent writings, but some were more legible. None of the entries were dated.

have not seen lil abbi. it been 2 days since she went to the woods. hope she is not lost in it.

abbi still gone. Still lonely but i had a dream

was in the woods with little people with faces of deer, rabbits, and dogs. Danced behind tall trees.

a tall man with no face talked to me. told me his name. it tasted like sour milk. I cant spell it. he said he knows where sistur is, could help find her. she lost her name in the woods. Must find it. They will teach me how.

tall man and voices are with me. whispers from the trees to save abbie Taught me to take away air, collect little pieces. they say I do good at collecting

woods are not so scary anymore. Am watched by tree folk. saw deer, bear, and man bears. hope abby is not scared

I must go. they say better not forget Abbey
harder to remember appy's face


eyes = abi's eyes
toth = Abby's smile
skin = agbiy's skn
adam and eeve ribs = new aubbie, new name resoorection

the tall man knows a lot.

the tall man found some of abii's name. i can taste it. tastes sweet. knew it
tall man says there is more work to do
i miss abpy

Addendum 03: Final Report

Final report on SCP-1949-EX

Date: 10/11/1970

Author: Dr. Adam Williams

After extensive analysis of Mr. ████████, SCP-1949-EX has been reclassified to explained.

The results of Mr. ████████'s mental health examination have diagnosed him with schizophrenia. Therefore, the contents of his journal entries are most likely just mad ramblings. All actions committed by the subject were simply the result of a delusion, and displayed no anomalous effect when recreated. The subjects claims of having a sister named "Abby" are false. No siblings are listed in any record. It is considered to be another delusion of the subject. Nothing anomalous was found at any crime scenes or at Mr. ████████'s home.

I have submitted a separate request for him to be transfered to the D-Class program. After all, he is a murderer and likely to end up in our custody. We might as well get it over with.1

We can safely say there are no fairies in America. We are sure of that. Maybe the UIU will get lucky next time.

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