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Item #: SCP-1948

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1948 is to be kept in a standard sized avian cage, kept in the minimum security animal containment facility. It does not require any special treatment or security beyond that of non-anomalous members of its species. The cage must be checked for signs of weather related damage periodically due to the nature of the specimen. The specimen is allowed one (1) hour outside its cage every day under the supervision of resident ornithologist Dr. Erin and meteorologist Dr. Anderson, in order to keep its well being. It is to be released only within the confines of Dr. Erin's designated indoor research area.

Description: The specimen is a male adult Turdus merula, or Common Blackbird. Its anomalous nature stems from its ability to alter the natural temperature and wind flow in an area of approximately seventy-five (75) kilometers around it at will, the effects of this ability being strongest at the epicenter, namely the specimen itself. SCP-1948's weather control abilities are fairly tame, and are incapable of creating any extreme conditions, such as massive heat waves or sudden storms. The specimen seems to prefer a mildly warm weather of around twenty-seven (27) degrees centigrade, and will usually alter the weather to fit this preference.

The specimen was recovered from ███████ █████, ██████, a town known for its tourism industry and remarkably fair weather for its general area. Recovery was problematic and met with armed resistance due to SCP-1948's importance in local traditions (see Recovery Log).

Addendum SCP-1948-1: Further examination of SCP-1948's weather changes in captivity found a pattern to them: approximately every five years, when the quasiperiodic climate pattern known as El Niño occurs across the Pacific Ocean, the specimen's preferred temperature would drop from twenty seven (27) degrees centigrade to five (5) degrees centigrade for a period of three months. This correlated to the time of the human sacrifice practiced by the residents of ███████ █████, though the pattern continued regularly without any need for the sacrifice practiced by the locals, which appears to have no effect on the weather change.

Addendum SCP-1948-2: A request has been made to attempt to breed SCP-1948 with non-anomalous members of its species in order to check the possibility the specimen described by the locals as existing at the time of the town's founding was simply an ancestor of SCP-1948. Confirmation pending.

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