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Item #: SCP-1947

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1947 is to be contained in a room shielded with a minimum of two (2) cm of lead. SCP-1947 is currently held in room 214-B at Site-16. SCP-1947 is not to be removed from room 214-B without the consent of an O5-level director.

SCP-1947 is to remain within a one (1) m3 copper mesh enclosure at all times. Radio and microwave receivers are to be placed within the enclosure and checked for consistency on a monthly basis. Any change in SCP-1947's emissions should be recorded and reported to Dr. Alberts. Any further experimentation on SCP-1947 is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-1947 is a sphere with a diameter of approximately 46 cm. Two lobes protrude from the sphere on opposite sides. The exposed surface of SCP-1947 is mainly composed of an iron-nickel alloy with trace amounts of indium.

SCP-1947 was found near █████, Zambia on approximately ██-██-████. It was initially discovered in a small crater by █████ ██████████, a local farmer. SCP-1947 was brought to the attention of the Foundation by Agent Mhone, a low-level operative stationed in Zambia.

Standard testing procedures for potentially anomalous objects revealed that SCP-1947 was periodically emitting microwaves with a frequency of either 1415 or 1425 MHz. The emissions were found to alternate between the two frequencies in a manner which encoded a series of images. For further details see Technical Report 1947-A.

As of ██-██-████ SCP-1947 has halted the emission of microwaves and is now emitting high-power radio waves with varying frequencies of approximately 6 GHz. Current emissions are being directed to an area in space [DATA REDACTED], roughly towards the galactic centre. All transmissions by SCP-1947 should be blocked to prevent unauthorized reception of the signals. The current status of SCP-1947 is addressed in Document 1947-B (available to personnel with appropriate clearance).

The following information is classified. Access is available to all level-4 personnel and above on a need-to-know basis.

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