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Item #: SCP-1945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1945 is to be monitored from Site-46, located approximately 150 meters from the edge of the anomalous zone. All electronic devices required on site are to be stored within the Site-46 facility, and under no circumstances taken into the SCP-1945 anomalous zone.

The secrecy of SCP-1945 is to be maintained by a standard security/surveillance team in accordance with the object class, and the cover story of radioactive waste dumped upon the property disseminated in local press. Security breaches are to be handled via nonlethal means unless absolutely necessary and directed through local authorities.

SCP-1945-1 is to be observed by Site-46 staff at all times. For the purpose of recording and analysis, Site-46 is to contain a secure computer setup with software capable of decrypting, compressing and responding to SCP-1945-1. Only one member of site staff may be in direct observation of the output data, with at least two additional staff present to ensure the observer's mental condition is not compromised. (See Incident Report SCP-1945-1.5).

Due to the content of SCP-1945-1, one (1) personal defense weapon is to be kept in storage at Site-46 in the case of evacuation or repulsion of a hostile entity no firearms are to be kept on the person, or in proximity to, any member of Site-46 staff.

Description: SCP-1945 is an anomalous region located over a rural household in █████████. In all observed states the anomalous zone covers the entirety of the structure; however, the size and shape of the field is influenced by multiple conditions, including but not limited to temperature, humidity, electromagnetic waves of various wavelengths, and the presence of ferrous metal. The diameter of the anomalous area varies from an average of 49 meters at midnight to an average of 104 meters at noon.

The anomalous zone of SCP-1945 has an influence on the current-carrying capacities of all materials with an electrical resistivity of 2.4 units or lower. While any circuit with a power supply outside of the anomaly remains unaffected, retaining unchanged voltage, current and resistance outside of the anomalous area, any instances of appropriate material within SCP-1945 are saturated with a shifting electrical current identified to be digital audio output, resulting in the disruption or destruction of electronic devices. While this current is not usually capable of leaving the area of SCP-1945, a coating of lead to certain cable materials has allowed analog output to be extracted to Site-46, cataloged as SCP-1945-1.

SCP-1945-1 is a signal carried by the current manifested within SCP-1945, and has been identified as a repeated Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) signal broadcast with a 36-second transmission time and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels when translated into a visual format. SCP-1945-1 is transmitted at three times the reading speed of ordinary SSTV signals, requiring software to be modified in order to correctly convert the images.

When converted, SCP-1945-1 appears as surveillance footage of a room that bears similarity to a standard Foundation humanoid containment cell, with the video source located at one corner of the room. SCP-1945-1 transmits five frames per minute. As the signal is uninterrupted at all times, SCP-1945-1 generates 7200 frames per 24-hour period, or 240 minutes of footage.

According to SCP-1945-1 observation, the cell contains:

  • One (1) steel-frame bed with a basic mattress, pillow and sheet. The bed frame is fixed.
  • One (1) metal table, centered in the room.
  • Two (2) metal chairs, in line with the image source. Neither the chair or table are bolted to the floor. (See Document 1.3)
  • Three (3) pieces of cutlery, consisting of a plate, cup, and spoon made of blue plastic. These are replaced three times a day whether or not food is consumed. No knife or fork have ever been observed. (See Document 1.1)
  • A mirrored window, identified to be an observation room.
  • An adjoined room, presumed to be a bathroom, hidden from camera.
  • Multiple books, stacks of paper and drawing implements.
  • Two (2) intercom speakers, situated at opposite corners of the room.
  • A young female humanoid of fair skin and black hair, designated SCP-1945-2, believed to be the occupant of the cell, as SCP-1945-2 does not leave the security footage except under unusual circumstances. (See Document 1.3, 1.4 and 1.7)

SCP-1945-1 has been observed to be outside of the control of the captors of SCP-1945-2. SCP-1945-1 has been interrupted on two occasions (See Document 1.2, 1.4) and modified on one (See Document 1.5). However, the current lead researcher on-site, Dr. ██████, has theorized that the signal may be related to SCP-1945-2, as both interruptions have been consistent with periods of traumatic unconsciousness.

As SCP-1945-1 has been determined to be a live feed as by Document 1.6, it is assumed that the location in the footage is under the effect of Type 1 time dilation at a ratio of 6:1.


Throughout observation of SCP-1945-1 there have been six separate instances in which SCP-1945-1 or its content has deviated from usual behavior. These are designated 1.2 through 1.7. Document 1.1 is a transcript of an 'average' daily routine. Note that all times listed in Document 1.1 are averaged from ██ days of recorded footage. Due to the effect of time dilation, true times are unknown. Times in all documents are approximated based on comparison between SCP-1945-1 and Foundation humanoid containment protocols.

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