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Item #: SCP-1936

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1936 is to be contained behind a two meter electrical fence, which is to be patrolled by security elements. The area contained is roughly circular, 1km in diameter. Security cameras are to be installed to cover areas not currently being patrolled. Expeditions into SCP-1936 are to be escorted by an armed element as specified by Area-37's Security Director. Personnel are not to enter spatially anomalous locations without specific authorization, with the conditions of such authorization dependent on recent anomalous activity within SCP-1936.

Area-37 is to be set-up on the outskirts of the town to support these operations and to provide facilities for the initial testing and classification of objects recovered from SCP-1936. Once classified, these objects are to be sent to the appropriate Site for long-term storage and study.

Dead biological samples recovered from SCP-1936 are to be kept under strict quarantine and taken to Area-37. Summary incineration may be performed if the samples are deemed hazardous. In the event that any live biological samples are found in SCP-1936, investigating personnel are to remove themselves from the area and Mobile Task Force Zeta-29 (“Mad Mountaineers”) are to be sent in to recover and bring it into containment.

Description: SCP-1936 is the New England town of Daleport. In the year 1997, the town fell victim to what is presumed to be a highly destructive event or a series of highly destructive events over the course of several days. During this time, the Foundation was unable to enter the town or observe any event that occurred therein due to the presence of SCP-1936-1, a gaseous area centered on Daleport that covered the whole town. (For further information, see Attempted Expedition 1936.) This anomaly is no longer present at SCP-1936, having dissipated a week and a half after its appearance.

Dimensions of the remaining buildings have become significantly altered from the original plans and a large number of them have become topologically inconsistent. Investigations report spatial anomalies including rooms that become smaller when they are entered, eventually preventing the occupants from moving,1 doors that lead to different points at different times of the day and corridors that despite leading to only one location also lead to several different locations.2

No survivors from the anomalous events which affected Daleport have been found within the town proper, but the remains of a large number of Daleport citizens have been recovered. Cause of death varies, but it appears that a large number committed suicide. In many cases, the remains of these citizens demonstrate anomalous properties, presumed to be a result of the anomalous event. Some of these remains have included:

  • A smear of entrails and viscera capable of picking up audio radio transmissions from up to six miles away. Sound is created through vibration of tissues. Subject was found with a small plant that gave out a small constant flame.
  • A torso embedded in a wall. Slight movement of the torso was visible when investigating personnel spoke. Blood continually manifests fifteen centimeters above the torso.
  • The body of an older male with both eyes gouged out. A steady stream of ashes pours from the body's eye sockets, nose, mouth and ears without any apparent source.
  • Several human corpses discovered in a row on the main street. Flesh, skin and bone had been removed from a circular portion of their foreheads. Skin and brain tissue surrounding the wound had undergone severe charring.
  • At 19:42 each day, several floating torsos manifest outside the Johnson Public Library, simulating the motions of running, heading southwest along Market Road. Three minutes after manifesting the torsos attempt to leave the road and fade out.
  • The body of a young female that floats steadily upwards when subject to any applied force, regardless of the force's direction.3

Attempted Expedition Log-1936:

Due to the unknown status of Daleport’s residents, manned and unmanned expeditions were made into SCP-1936-1 to determine the safety of entering SCP-1936-1, ascertain the nature of SCP-1936-1 and its effect, and to facilitate possible recovery of civilians. These expeditions took place over the course of several days as resources arrived on location.

Recovered Materials-1936:

A large number of documents were retrieved from SCP-1936. These are assumed to have been written by the town's previous inhabitants.

Security cameras and other video devices continued to acquire footage while the SCP-1936-1 was present.

While analysing recovered documents to determine the cause of SCP-1936-1's arrival, numerous references were made to a cult named The Victory Society.

Video recovered from a camera found on a rooftop during an expedition near a church in the center of Daleport.

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