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Item #: SCP-1933-EX

Object Class: Euclid Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Lake ███████ is to be monitored for appearances of SCP-1933. Civilians approaching the Lake are to be turned away on the grounds of the area being scouted out for construction. Due to SCP-1933's memetic effects, removal from the Lake is highly unlikely to occur. Individuals who claim to have seen SCP-1933 are to be administered Class A amnestics, and released. Personnel being transferred to research SCP-1933 are not to be informed of SCP-1933 or any documentation regarding it until they have observed SCP-1933 firsthand. Individuals discovering this document without having first seen SCP-1933 are advised to immediately exit this document, and contact Dr. B. Reynard as soon as possible for Class A amnestics, or observation of SCP-1933. No special containment procedures are required for SCP-1933-EX at this time. Distribution of Class A amnestics to subjects who claim to have observed SCP-1933-EX is currently discontinued.

Description (REVISED): SCP-1933-EX is allegedly a creature measuring an estimated 6 to 8 meters in length, residing in Lake ███████, British Columbia. Exact details vary from report to report, but SCP-1933-EX is almost always reported to have a long, serpent-like neck and head, a similarly long tail, dark blue coloration, and long, leaf-like protrusions running from the base of its head to the end of its body. However, SCP-1933-EX has been, in each report of sighting, quickly determined to have been a misidentified common occurrence, such as a large piece of driftwood, large eel or fish, or simple unreliable testimony. Recovered 'footage' of SCP-1933-EX has been easily explained by photo or video manipulation, or intentional staging to simulate an SCP-1933-EX encounter. It is most likely that reports of SCP-1933-EX are the result of subjects being influenced by local myths and legends.

Addendum: SCP-1933-EX was reclassified to 'Explained' after a group of researchers led by Dr. B. Reynard contacted MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") claiming to have evidence of a possible new cognitohazardous entity, which would be demonstrated to them over a private internet live stream. Eta-10 personnel viewing the live stream reported that the researchers had constructed an animatronic to resemble the entity they were referring to, which rose out of the lake and dragged under the carcass of an elk. These researchers were quickly located and brought in for questioning. Dr. Reynard was reprimanded for abuse and waste of Foundation resources.

Dr. Reynard was discovered to have been drowned in Lake ███████ roughly a week after the reclassification of SCP-1933-EX in an unrelated boating accident1. Allegations that Dr. Reynard appeared to have been (sic) 'half-eaten' are currently under investigation. Official cause of death is believed to be drowning after extensive blood loss due to injury from a boat propeller.

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