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Item #: SCP-19316-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to perform regular searches for SCP-19316-J instances. If review determines that a piece of writing represents an instance of SCP-19316-J, the writing must be removed and its creator interviewed, then amnesticized as appropriate.

Description: SCP-19316-J is a set of documents that contain anachronistic and/or nonsensical applications of terminology and structure associated with Standard SCP Summaries. As of 2012-11-15, 3,587 instances of SCP-19316-J have been identified. 1,118 instances predate the Foundation, while the remainder developed independently of the Foundation in contemporary times. An additional 8,500 are estimated to exist outside of containment.

In several cases, instances of SCP-19316-J have detailed the containment of anomalous items whose existence has been confirmed independently, and were purportedly produced by organizations dedicated to the study, containment, and/or destruction of anomalies. While several of these organizations did exist, none used documentation standards or technical terminology with straightforward Foundation equivalents.

Individuals or organizations that produce SCP-19316-J instances do not exhibit knowledge of the Foundation or the association of SCP-19316-J with anomalous phenomena, and cannot adequately explain their reasons for creating SCP-19316-J instances. Thus, SCP-19316-J does not represent a breach of secrecy.

SCP-19316-J excludes documentation from [DATA EXPUNGED], which directly or indirectly inspired Standard SCP Summary structure and terminology.

Addendum: Sample SCP-19316-J instances.

Item #: SCP-19316-J-105
Description: Note attached to plastic food container at ██████ Pharmaceuticals.

Special Containment Procedures: Evelyn's pork chops are to be kept in a sealed plastic container in the 5th Floor Break Room's refrigerator. Storage in any non-refrigerated environment may result in a GK-class Gastrointestinal Incident.

Item #: SCP-19316-J-404
Description: Cave paintings in ████████████, Indonesia, dated to roughly 41,000 BCE.

Item #: [Illustration of two tree branches]
Object Class: [Illustration of fire]
Description: [Illustration of a massive lizard attacking a group of humans]

Item #: SCP-19316-J-786
Description: Booklet given to the British Museum by an anonymous donor. Attributed to the likely nonexistent "His Majesty's Foundation for the Study of the Apocryphal and Alchemical", "A Society for the Securing, Containance, and Protection of the Abnormal or Unholy", "Meeting of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge in which Certain Items of an Incongruous Nature are Presented and Discussed", and the "Mystery Men of North Nottingham".
Excerpt: N/A. No coherent sample of the writing is brief enough to include in this document.

Item #: SCP-19316-J-1000
Description: Graffiti in Duluth, MN.

Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: we can't

Item #: SCP-19316-J-1506
Description: Post on's "paranormal" board. Accompanied by a photograph of Izumi Kato's "Untitled 2004" sculpture.

Description: Origin unclear, moved on-site 1993. The object is constructed of paper mache and Krylon brand spray paint, but is hard as concrete. Item 173 is animate and extremely hostile: it will crush the head of anyone it can reach, but only when unobserved, as it cannot move while in a direct line of sight. It's fucked up, is what I'm getting at.

The reddish brown substance on the floor is my disbelief. The non-suspension of this material is unexplained.

Item #: SCP-19316-J-1621
Description: Geometry worksheet created by a teacher at ██████ High School, █████, MA.

Problem #: 13

Object Class: Euclidean

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