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Image from SCP-1931's online auction, uploaded by Mr. ████████.

Item #: SCP-1931

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1931 is to be kept in a climate-controlled containment vault at Storage Site-41 to protect it from deterioration. In order to prevent the spread of blood-borne disease among personnel, only D-Class personnel may be used in conjunction with SCP-1931's anomalous effects when human testing is necessary.

Description: SCP-1931 is the head of an adult female Panthera tigris tigris (Bengal tiger), stuffed and preserved through taxidermy. A number of scars are present on SCP-1931's face, determined to have been inflicted by other animals. The wound at the base of the head has been filled with tar, presumably by the original owner. A small bronze plaque bearing the words "Property of Herman Fuller's Circus Of The Disquieting" is embedded in the tar. Despite its poor condition, SCP-1931 appears to have been restored several times in the past, primarily through the painting of its fur; however, there is no indication that the teeth have been altered in any way since the animal's death. A mechanical hinge has been installed in SCP-1931's jaw, allowing it to open and close freely.

Any organism, living or otherwise, that is physically harmed by SCP-1931's fangs will begin to levitate at a height proportional to the severity of the damage inflicted, though the precise proportion seems to vary between cases and has not yet been determined. Preliminary testing has shown that minor wounds typically result in subjects floating between 0.5m and 3m above the ground, whereas severe trauma has resulted in subjects rising to stratospheric heights at speeds in excess of 20km/h. Once suspended at a given height, affected subjects will be able to propel themselves laterally when presented with a given means of thrust. SCP-1931's effects on a subject will cease 30 to 35 hours after initial injury, causing the subject to descend at a rate consistent with natural falls from a given height.

Foundation intelligence discovered SCP-1931 on 03/14/2013 when a man named Jackson ████████ put the item on an online auction site, claiming it could grant the power of flight. According to his testimony, Mr. ████████ discovered SCP-1931 while digging the foundation for a barn and learned of its anomalous effects from other items found at the same time (see Addendum SCP-1931-DOC). He was administered amnestics and SCP-1931 was recovered without incident. SCP-1931 was originally found in a silk-padded glass case contained within a steel ossuary. A tanned pelt and the unpreserved remains of a headless Bengal tiger were also found in the ossuary, both confirmed to belong to SCP-1931. Both the body's front paws were observed to have been crudely severed, the left apparently reattached with metal wire and the right missing entirely.1

Addendum SCP-1931-DOC: Several items were recovered from SCP-1931's grave in addition to its remains. SCP-1931-DOC-A is a transcription of the text found on a promotional illustration bearing the image of a living SCP-1931 pouncing on a young calf. SCP-1931-DOC-B is a series of journal entries pertaining to SCP-1931, selected from the pages of a leather-bound log owned by a Mr. Bernard Crawford. SCP-1931-DOC-C is a document listing the contents of a smaller wooden box buried adjacent to SCP-1931's ossuary.

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