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Item #: SCP-1926

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1926 as well as SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B have been transported to a Standard Nonsentient Anomaly Chamber within Site-107. SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B have received adequate medical care since containment was enacted, but still require regular supervision and medical intervention to perpetuate their lives.

Person of Interest #1377 is currently housed within Site-107 and is planned to be amnesticized and released on 17/5/2006.

Description: SCP-1926 is the collective designation for an anomalously modified Atari 7800 console with an Atari game titled "Swordquest: Airworld" permanently inserted in the cartridge slot. There is a small MIDI input along the side in place of the expected expansion port.

While SCP-1926 is functionally identical and outwardly similar to a non-anomalous 1983-release Atari 7800 console, its interior is a singular mass of human tissue, hair, teeth, and bone fragments. DNA testing of the tissue located within SCP-1926 has not been fruitful to date. In spite of there being no physical barrier to doing so, attempting to separate these elements will meet with failure. The phrase "'Who put this dev kit together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!' – Tony Montana" is etched onto the bottom of the console, with "Atari Arcadia" embossed directly underneath the etching.


SCP-1926 at the site of discovery.

SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B are a set of comatose humans named Michael I. Jackalson and John Bronzeberg, respectively. Both have been integrated with equipment meant to simulate a virtual reality environment from within SCP-1926. Neurological analysis shows that SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B's brains are continually active in all sectors, including those governing the feeling of pain.

The virtual reality equipment consists of

  • Atari branded gloves, vests, pants, footings, and neck braces, also appearing similar to unreleased Jaguar VR equipment,
  • Red mouth guards which also protect the entities' noses,
  • and an cable of unknown purpose or design surgically attached to SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B's spines.

SCP-1926's MIDI input allows for the attachment of a microphone that can be used to communicate with SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B. Their internal monologue is played through an audio output device to which SCP-1926 is connected, allowing for direct communications to take place.

Since containment was enacted, SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B's legs have had to be amputated due to complications from necrosis which arose prior to the Foundation's acquisition of SCP-1926. Neither entity has been informed of this fact and it should not be acknowledged or addressed unless necessary.

Further Description of SCP-1926 Gameplay:

SCP-1926 is a two-player game where the player(s) take control of primitive polygonal humanoids in a 3D space with the objective of collecting items and clues. As SCP-1926 is a virtual reality game, the player(s) viewpoint is a first person perspective.

Similarly to the non-anomalous game entries (Earthworld, Fireworld, Waterworld), SCP-1926 is designed around spiritual themes, with Earthworld centered around the Western Zodiac, Fireworld's layout imitating the Kabbalah tree of life, and Waterworld resembling the Chakras. SCP-1926's design takes inspiration from the ancient Chinese text titled I Ching (易經), which is focused around divinity. SCP-1926's stages and action sequences are centered around the 64 hexagrams contained within the I Ching.

As with previous games SCP-1926 is also designed around its titular element. The "Air" based levels include challenges such as jumping on birds to avoid losing life, flying on a gust of wind through large towering spires, and navigating through tornadoes. Any other content is unknown, as SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B have declined to proceed further into SCP-1926.

Currently, whenever SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B "die" within SCP-1926, they are transported to SCP-1926's starting location. No checkpoints have been discovered within SCP-1926.


SCP-1926 was discovered in 2006 at the residence of PoI-1137 (Howard Scott Warshaw) after a noise complaint to local law enforcement described rhythmic "rumbling" noises emanating from PoI-1137's house. After receiving multiple warnings, PoI-1137 was arrested after police attempted to issue an in-person fine. Subsequently, law enforcement entered the home and discovered PoI-1137 unconscious, alongside a large quantity of refuse, all elements of SCP-1926, and an illegal quantity of controlled narcotics. SCP-1926-A and SCP-1926-B were screaming at PoI-1137 to wake up through the speakers of PoI-1137's television. Undercover Agent Jason Foley administered amnestics to all witnesses to the event and transported all items related to SCP-1926 to nearby Site-107.

The following is an interview conducted with PoI-1137 shortly after being remanded from police custody.


Agent Foley: Hello, Howard. Please don't worry, we're not going to harm you, we just wish to ask you several questions.

PoI-1137: Hey now, I know you're the guys, you fuck people UP, you know? Right?

Agent Foley: Not true. We've treated you a lot better than the police would've, and if you answer some of our questions then we'll let you walk home free.

PoI-1137: This isn't my first rodeo. If you're offering me a deal like that, hoo boy, he wants to let the man go free. Listen, listen, I can talk but I really just wanna be listened to.

Neither PoI-1137 nor Agent Foley spoke for approximately ten seconds.

Agent Foley: Fascinating. Where did you obtain the technology that was in your house?

PoI-1137: Oh, you think I made that sloppy jalopy? Spare me, I'm dying of shame. No, I joined in late. Them's two were the ones who wanted to live life large and in charge.

Agent Foley: I'm familiar with your history, and what you've made in the past.

PoI-1137: Talking about the past, days gone by, mind if I just basically start from the beginning? It'll make more sense.

Agent Foley: Go ahead.

PoI-1137: A long ass time ago in my younger years, I was, er, still am, but was then too, programmer. Yarr's Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark… kind of E.T… you might've heard.

Agent Foley: As I said, yes, I'm aware of your history. If you want to give me the cliff's notes or skip the background entirely that would be best. I'm up to speed.

PoI-1137: Fine, fine. Fast forward a couple years, higher ups knew Atari wasn't really doing that hot. Our star'd been dropped in a toilet and gone to circling the drain. Nolan was gone, just bailed to play with his rat, which fucked us over hard. Management decided to put up some 'cost-cutting' measures, decided that a whiz-bang competition with cool prizes wasn't our ticket to the promised land. Nintendo and Sega were getting more popular and popular, tough to give out a crown after being knocked off the mountaintop.

Agent Foley: So then, you kept on with developing Swordquest? Even after the project was terminated?

PoI-1137: Me? Naw. I was looking out for number one.

PoI-1137 gestures towards themselves with both thumbs.

PoI-1137: So it's '83, right? Oh, end of days, oh oh, everyone's panicking, shit's horrible, yadda yadda. I get a memo, from John. Tells me the first three Swordquest games are out, but they need my help for the fourth. I tell them it's a dead project. They say they need my "special touch." What can I say? Doesn't take much flattery to charm a programmer. So I says yes and head over to his house. That's when I first saw the prototype. Definitely wasn't ready for market, John told me his wife'd left him on account of turning the whole house into a rat's nest.

Agent Foley: Was this an official project, or something else? Was it derived from an official dev kit?

PoI-1137: Neither. Dudes told me Nolan came to them.

Agent Foley: Physically, or are we talking in a dream?

PoI-1137: I don't know, they just said Nolan was calling the shots again and they needed my help to finish it. Maybe they were lying.

PoI-1137 pauses, drumming their fingers on the interview room table.

PoI-1137: So's I start going over there, and I find the… console. It's nasty, covered to the BRIM with teeth and hair and shit… no, not like, poopy, but… nevermind.

Agent Foley: You don't need to go into further detail.

PoI-1137: Normal people'd be asking them what the fuck was wrong with them, but I was high out of my mind at the time. Oh, quick tip, though…

Agent Foley: Yes?

PoI-1137: Try not to touch the teeth. They're dirty, if you get cut there's a nasty infection waiting for ya.

PoI-1137 removes a bandage from their left hand, revealing an amputated ring finger.

PoI-1137: I know what I'm talkin' about.

Agent Foley: Jesus. When did this happen? There's nothing in your medical records about-

PoI-1137: Had to take matters in my own hands.

Agent Foley: If you're going to need any medical attention…

PoI-1137: I can take care of myself. Unlike those num-nuts. Once it got close to done, maybe ready for testing we're looking for testers. Save a few bucks, they said, so they put on the gear, sit down on a chair, and they haven't gotten up since.

Agent Foley: Did you try to take any of it off?

PoI-1137: Meh. Any luck on your end?

Agent Foley: No. We're not trying to risk it.

PoI-1137: As long as you can keep the smell down, it's not like they're going anywhere.




All attempts at locating Nolan Bushnell have resulted in failure, as all public appearances made by the subject were performed by body doubles. These subjects stated they were paid by Nolan to impersonate him to keep his location secure. Nolan's current location is unknown.


Incident Report:

On 5/5/2006, SCP-1926-B was encouraged to venture further into SCP-1926. Soon after, they discovered a small cave located at the bottom of a pit. SCP-1926-B complied when instructed to enter the cave. The only in-game objects were virtual teeth located on the walls of the cave which increased in quantity as SCP-1926-B progressed into the cave. SCP-1926-B stated that touching the teeth was painful and caused both SCP-1926-B and the attending Foundation personnel to experience waves of nausea upon contact.

After several hours, SCP-1926-B emerged into a large hollowed cavern with a large human heart, suspended from chains attached to the ceiling. Upon discovery, the heart's "beat" sprayed pixelated blood throughout the room. Contact with SCP-1926-B was lost after this incident and has not yet been re-established.

SCP-1926-A has refused any of the Foundation's suggestions or commands. Until this changes, the purpose of the room will remain unknown.

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