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Photograph of asteroid ███ ██████, taken from nearby asteroid. 'Seeding' branch is selected. Taken 11/18/19██.

Item #: SCP-1923

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the distance and gravitational forces separating SCP-1923 and Earth, containment is currently considered de facto. In addition to the stationary camera on ███ ████████, camera probes are to be launched from Luna-█ to observe SCP-1923 on a regular basis. All photographs of SCP-1923-Alpha by outside sources are to be doctored before public release. All signals or transmissions originating from SCP-1923-Alpha are to be recorded and analyzed.

In the event SCP-1923-Alpha (or any celestial body bearing SCP-1923) shows alteration of its orbit, the Foundation is to enact [DATA EXPUNGED] procedures.

Description: SCP-1923 are tree-like organisms found on the asteroid ███ ██████ (designated SCP-1923-Alpha), located in the Sol system's asteroid belt. Photographic evidence shows a thick green canopy, completely obscuring the surface of SCP-1923-Alpha. By comparing previously known dimensions of SCP-1923-Alpha to now, it is estimated that a singular SCP-1923 specimen is approximately 95m tall. Spectroscopic analysis of SCP-1923 reveals that the canopy has a reflective spectrum similar to that of terrestrial leaves, with minor-but-significant absorption differences.

Due to the inability to casually observe SCP-19231, a stationary camera has placed on a nearby asteroid of similar orbit, designated SCP-1923-Watcher. As of this date, the Foundation is not capable of providing high-quality photographs of either SCP-1923 or SCP-1923-Alpha. As such, all data concerning SCP-1923 is assumed to be as tenuous as the ability to view it.

At both ends of SCP-1923-Alpha, a single 'branch' of SCP-1923 extends an estimated 30m above the canopy. Similar to a terrestrial palm tree in appearance, these specimens2 of SCP-1923 are devoid of leaves, except on the top. These leaves undergo a cycle of growth, maturation, and shedding, the last of which is done en masse. The Foundation has hypothesized that this process is procreative in nature. As of ██/██/████, SCP-1923-Alpha remains the only known body with which SCP-1923 resides.

Addendum-1: On 01/06/20██, the asteroid ███ ██████ was reported to have a slightly reduced albedo and a slight orbital adjustment. Orbital projections show that said asteroid would have been 'behind' the asteroid bearing SCP-1923 during a 'shedding' cycle. There is reason to believe that ███ ██████ (designated SCP-1923-Beta) may now contain SCP-1923. Further study of both SCP-1923-Alpha and -Beta is required.

Addendum-2: On 01/10/20██, a new variation of SCP-1923 was discovered on SCP-1923-Alpha. Located on the equator, this leafless specimen (which terminates in a previously-unseen pod) has been witnessed aligning itself with the Sun and Earth at intervals of █ to ██ weeks. Related to this discovery, Foundation staff have noticed a slight increase in [EXPUNGED] during times in which the specimen was aligned with Earth. At this time, it is not known if [EXPUNGED] represents a coincidental biological process, or a form of communication, or something entirely different.3

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