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Recommended action when encountering SCP-1922-J

Item #: SCP-1922-J

Object Class: Primitive

Special Containment Procedures: Let us unite in the ending of this savage system of government. All personnel are to band together and overthrow the tyrannical bourgeois. Personnel are not to be fooled by capitalist deception. Mobile Task Force Omega-15 "Comrades" have been tasked with the assembly of the proletariat into a working union. Any personnel discovered collaborating with supporters of SCP-1922-J will be sent to Gulag-19. An oath to end the tyranny of the dollar-humping slugs of America is to be recited daily.

Description: SCP-1922-J is a weak system of capital perpetuated by the greedy, western oligarchs. It seeks to enslave the common worker under the doctrine of SCP-1922-J-1 and deprive him of the fruits of his toil.

SCP-1922-J consists of a free market economic system with little to no government intervention. SCP-1922-J generates a schism between the upper-class and lower-class that American dogs use for their various evils. Researchers have concluded that this system is a tool used by the capitalist dogs to control the populace for their personal interests of the manipulation of public thought towards their personal ideologies of consumerism and libertarianism, forcing the daughters of the proletariat into harlotry, and drinking the blood of children.

SCP-1922-J-1 [DATA EXPUNGED] referred to as the "Opiate of the Masses".

Addendum SCP-1922-J: Our glorious organization will henceforth be referred to as the Union of Secured, Contained and Protected Socialist Republics. - Overseer of the USCPSR and Greatest Comrade #1

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