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Item# SCP-1922

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1922 is housed in a standard human containment cell on Site-17. The subject is to remain under monitoring by security personnel. Self-harmful behavior or changes in the subject's health are to be reported to Doctors Dharow and/or Ipps-Hill. Psychiatric evaluations with interviews are administered by Dr. Dharow and health inspections by Dr. Ipps-Hill. Said procedures are performed on a monthly basis and after the occurrence of anomalous activity. SCP-1922 is not allowed to possess items of combustible nature and is to be supervised to prevent contact with such when outside the cell.

Description: SCP-1922 is a ninety-year-old Caucasian male named Herbert ████. SCP-1922 is diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus type 2 and peripheral vascular disease. Subject's medical condition with the effect of the anomaly have caused several episodes of gangrene in the lower limbs, which have led to amputations. For a full list of medical details on SCP-1922, please see Document 1922-Med.

SCP-1922 behaves as a normal elderly human until expiring from a natural cause, myocardial infarction being the most common probable cause of death. SCP-1922 remains in a state of clinical death for approximately 45 minutes, after which it slowly reanimates. Full recovery may take up to 2 hours. After reanimation the subject is slightly disoriented, but the periods of clinical death have not been shown to cause any neurological damage. IQ testing has proven no deterioration and SCP-1922 appears mentally healthy and intelligent. Compared to subject's advanced age, the level of intellect is well maintained. The subject describes experiences in elaborate detail, supposedly taking place during the anomalous activity. Currently no evidence exists nor may be provided to support the subject's claims. Whether the anomaly induces vivid hallucinations or SCP-1922 deliberately produces misinformation is unknown. For more details, please see Document 1922-Psy and the Interview Log.

Note: 2005-07-03: It has been recorded that the time SCP-1922 remains clinically deceased extends after each subsequent expiry. The reanimation process, nevertheless, takes subsequently less time.

Note: 2008-05-05: SCP-1922 has started to show suicidal tendencies.

Recovery: SCP-1922 was recovered from █████ Hospital in █████, ███████ on 1997-06-06. Specialized doctors were alerted when a man had regained consciousness in the hospital morgue, almost an hour after having been declared deceased. The subject was taken into custody of the Foundation and the subject's family was later provided with substitute ashes. Class-C Amnestics administered to hospital staff in charge of the subject. SCP-1922 was led to believe he was being moved to different hospital with better faculties.

Addendum-1922-1: Partial Interview Log:

Addendum 1922-3: Psychological Evaluation:

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