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Item #: SCP-1921-J

Object Class: please i have so much work to do

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1921-J is to be unplugged and plugged back in twice per day. Staff are encouraged to be helpful and supportive in Jr. Researcher Riemann's problems. Please be nice to me Making fun of Jr. Researcher Riemann appears to exacerbate the anomalous effects of SCP-1921-J.

Description: SCP-1921-J refers to the model Motorola MG7540 combination wireless router / modem owned by Jr. Researcher Riemann. SCP-1921-J appears to encompass the entire internet connectivity of Riemann's office, which is ridiculous because I'm paying 70 dollars a month for this. SCP-1921-J is known to hate Jr. Researcher Riemann and make their life significantly more difficult.

It was hypothesised that being nice to SCP-1921-J can mitigate its effects but that was before we knew the depths of its hatred. The effects of SCP-1921-J have forced Jr. Researcher Riemann to go outside several times and it's very hot out right now.

Its anomalous properties were discovered after repeated disconnects from the Site-17 VPN despite all the blinking lights still being on. Jr. Researcher Riemann reports that everything else is working great it just seems to hiccup every once in a

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