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Item #: SCP-1920

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1920 are to be kept in a Safe-Class Kou-Electrical chamber, for the purposes of sufficiently providing power to SCP-1920. A constant source of wind is to be provided for each instance, using a standard electrical fan. Any vocalizations emitted by any instance of SCP-1920 are to be logged for review. One D-Class personnel is to be used during testing of SCP-1920. All testing must be approved by no fewer than two Level 4 personnel.

See Document 1920-C9 for original containment procedures. For more information regarding changes, see Addendum 1920-A.

Description: SCP-1920 is a crudely made wooden wind turbine, 55 cm in height. Its blades consist of a single piece of a complex polymer, which is held up by a wooden chopstick and several rubber bands. SCP-1920's exterior is covered in unremarkable black paint, though traces of charcoal and clay are detectable. A wire extending from below a hole in the base of SCP-1920 extends for 90 cm before connecting to what appears to be a miniature satellite dish, which as of now has displayed no anomalous properties nor the ability to function. All other parts of SCP-1920 display normal durability and decay, and must be handled with care.

When SCP-1920's blades are spun1, an electrical current will travel through the wire extending from SCP-1920 at seemingly random intervals. SCP-1920's methods of generating electricity are currently unknown, as it has no similarity to any known generator design. The rotational speed of its blades does not correlate with its level of output, only whether or not it will produce electricity. Regardless of the amount of electricity produced, it appears that all electrical activity is dissipated upon reaching the satellite disc.

Once 1 kWh of energy has been produced, SCP-1920 will begin to spin at a constant speed of 1200 r/min for approximately 20 seconds and eject confetti from the center of its blades via unknown means. Noisemakers can also be heard emitting from SCP-1920, as well as several instances of a male voice speaking in English. The following is a collection of various statements by SCP-1920:

  • "Thank you once again, creatures!"
  • "One step closer to a brighter future!"
  • "Positively splendid!"
  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "Do you think they can understand what we say?"

SCP-1920 was recovered from P███ L██████, Hawaii, and was found on the edge of a nearby cliff. A bronze plaque was found upright next to SCP-1920, bearing the following text:

Light Courier Enterprises: Mk.VI "Turbine of the Future!"

Warning: this is an advanced generator and as such it requires expert operation and maintenance. The Mk.VI Turbine is partially unstable and vulnerable to malfunction. Please observe operational guidelines as outlined below for proper usage:

1. Place Mk.VI Turbine in a windy area / Place Mk.VI Turbine and provide breath-powered air displacement.
2. Avoid contact with Mk.VI Turbine to prevent any further damage most likely done to it during step 1.
3. Do not attempt to eat, mate, or engage in combat with Mk.VI Turbine. Just leave it alone.

Light Courier Enterprises thanks you for your assistance in powering our planet. We will reward your efforts after our recovery.

Addendum 1920-A: Dr. Cage was able to reroute the electricity generated by SCP-1920. Two days later, SCP-1920 emitted various sounds, including murmuring and arguing between unknown individuals, rustling and clattering of equipment, and a single coherent statement from an unknown male:

"Hey hey, SHOO! Go away! Dammit, did some little monsters somehow break this thing already? Why is it— Why aren't we getting any power? Hello, hello? Do you speak words?"
[incoherent mumbling]
"Forget this, I don't think they can understand what I'm saying. It's been powering our measly generator for weeks anyway, we've got power to spare. Until then, now we're going to have to reroute it to the empty one before they come—"
[voice becomes distant and undecipherable]

On ██/██/19██, agents responded to reports of three small turbines identical in appearance to SCP-1920 from New Zealand, China, and Germany. Each of these newly discovered instances had a piece of paper attached to its shaft, featuring a poorly drawn depiction of what is assumed to be a monster with horns, sharp teeth and green skin. In each case, the text "GO AWAY!" had been written underneath each drawing.

We can't risk anymore of these appearing in public. We don't know what the things that are sending this are capable of, and we certainly don't know if they can send things other than these turbines. - Dr. Cage

As of ██/██/19██, SCP-1920 is to be kept actively generating electricity; see Revised Containment Procedures. For original documentation regarding Group of Interest "Light Courier Enterprises", please refer to SCP-2395. See SCP-1740, SCP-2940, and SCP-1940 for further information.

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