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Item #: SCP-1915

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1915 is to be kept in its self-modified humanoid containment unit. Furniture and sustenance are unnecessary, as SCP-1915 provides them itself. One guard is to escort SCP-1915 during its daily walk around the designated yard. No expensive or sensitive equipment is to be brought into SCP-1915's vicinity.

Description: SCP-1915 is a Caucasian man, thirty three (33) years old, of an unexceptional build and height, identified as █████ ███ ██████ by the documents it was carrying on its person at the time of its retrieval. A background check revealed no relatives or close friends. SCP-1915's anomalous nature stems from a localized causality abnormality which negates any significant long term changes to its body, personality, memory or lifestyle. SCP-1915 alters reality in its close vicinity as is necessary to maintain its personal status-quo. SCP-1915's effects are largely limited to non-living matter manipulation and internal mental manipulation, and are incapable of permanently affecting living creatures other than SCP-1915 itself. SCP-1915 does not appear to be aware of its anomalous properties, and the mild-to-moderate discontent it expressed concerning its life during several interviews suggests it possesses limited, if any, control over them. SCP-1915 is unaware of its containment, believing it is still employed at the offices of the now defunct ██████ Corporation, where it was recovered.

Addendum-1915-A: Incident Log 1915

Addendum-1915-B: Interview Log SCP-1915-3

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