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Item #: SCP-1914

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1914 is to be housed in a modified humanoid containment cell equipped with ventilation appropriate for preventing exhaust buildup. Every 10-12 hours, SCP-1914's engine must be activated for at least two hours in order to allow its battery to recharge fully; while active, it is to be fed approximately 250 grams of nutrient-supplemented baby food and one half-liter of purified water to maintain its organic components, and may at its request be provided reading glasses and books or music published prior to 1916 for recreational purposes. SCP-1914 is to be provided with a cane for ease of movement within its cell, and is to be transported by wheelchair or stretcher and accompanied by a medical professional at all times if removed from its cell for testing or examination while active.

While inactive, SCP-1914's fuel tank is to be refilled with standard diesel fuel, its waste tank is to be drained, and it is to undergo medical and mechanical examination at least once per week. At least once per month, SCP-1914's oil tank and radiator are to be drained, flushed, and refilled with fresh motor oil and coolant. Any mechanical components in danger of breaking or malfunctioning are to be replaced with components of identical construction as soon as possible and any illness or physical injury not directly related to SCP-1914's anomalous nature is to be treated immediately. SCP-1914 is considered to be at high risk for viral/bacterial infection and is not to be exposed to any staff members suffering from infectious diseases.

Description: SCP-1914 is a human male approximately 1██ years of age as of ██/██/20██, who is believed to have undergone extreme mechanical modification during the early 20th century. SCP-1914's heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, segments of the small and large intestines, colon, bladder, urinary, and reproductive organs have been removed, and approximately 83% of the specimen's epidermis (with the exception of areas covering the face, right upper leg, and left shoulder) has been replaced with leather. X-ray examination indicates that portions of the musculoskeletal structure in the limbs have been surgically removed and replaced with latex, steel rods, and automotive pistons, and that tubing has been installed allowing liquid coolant and motor oil to travel through the body. A fuel tank, oil tank, and coolant tank have been mounted to the specimen's back, which hold a maximum of five US gallons (18.9 liters), five US quarts (4.73 liters), and one US gallon (3.78 liters) of diesel fuel, motor oil, and coolant respectively.

SCP-1914's abdominal cavity contains an unbranded automobile battery, a radiator (which partially protrudes from the specimen's right side), and a compact two-stroke diesel engine powered by the fuel tank mounted to the specimen's back. The engine is activated by means of a pull cord extending out of SCP-1914's back below the fuel tank; when active, energy produced by the engine provides power to a mechanical pump and bellows installed within the thoracic cavity, which replicate the functions carried out by the heart and lungs in healthy human beings, and charges the battery, which allows these functions to continue while the engine is inactive. While its engine is running, SCP-1914 is conscious and fully aware of its surroundings; when inactive, the specimen becomes non-responsive and enters a state of brain activity resembling non-REM deep sleep. SCP-1914 requires food and water to maintain the health of its organic components; waste matter produced by its digestive tract is expelled into a tank contained in its lower abdomen, which must be manually drained by means of a hatch located between its thighs.

SCP-1914 speaks fluent English with an accent characteristic of the area of Birmingham, England, UK. In its active state, SCP-1914 has been observed to have difficulty standing or walking under its own power; during testing, the specimen has described having extreme difficulty maintaining its sense of balance, and does not appear to be able to bend its right knee, manipulate the toes on either foot, manipulate the fingers on its right hand, or extend either arm above its shoulders. Maximum unassisted walking speed of SCP-1914, when provided with a cane, is approximately 0.5 kilometers per hour. SCP-1914's neck is rigid and it is incapable of turning its head without pivoting the rest of its body. SCP-1914 possesses 20/60 vision and states that it is able to hear people speaking loudly in its presence, but that it possesses no sense of smell or taste, cannot sense ambient temperature, that it does not feel hunger or thirst when deprived of food and water, and that it does not feel pain when its organic components are damaged.

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