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Item #: SCP-1907

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The path leading to and the chamber housing SCP-1907 is to be secured by five (5) armed personnel. At this time, no subjects other than Class-D personnel are to activate SCP-1907's effects without explicit permission from two (2) Level-3 researchers that have been directly assigned to SCP-1907.

If not currently being utilized during testing, all bodies within the chamber housing SCP-1907 are to be removed from the area and incinerated. All comatose test subjects must be restrained during testing until further notice. No subjects are allowed to activate SCP-1907's effects more than three (3) times. Every other month, a Class-D subject is to be selected to activate SCP-1907's effects four (4) times and have their body remain within the room containing SCP-1907. Personnel are not to interact with any bodies within the room housing SCP-1907

Description: SCP-1907 is a 3m tall and 2m wide archway composed primarily of smooth and uniform white quartz. The object is located within the ███████ Cave System in the state of Tennessee, and is housed in the centre of a roughly circular room approximately 7m in diameter, with an inclined spiral pathway connecting the area with the rest of the cave. This path and room are roughly carved out of the existing cave walls. Dozens of corpses in various stages of decay were found along the walls of the chamber at the time of discovery and are hereby designated SCP-1907-A.

Passing through SCP-1907 causes subjects to perceive a currently unnamed location. Within this space, subjects report a feeling of freedom and unity, as well as communication with various other unidentified life forms.1 When asked about the appearance of the location, subjects appear to be unable to describe or recall the physical aspects of it. They will often express a strong desire to return to this location through SCP-1907 and a reluctance to leave the area.

When a living organism passes through SCP-1907, that individual enters into a comatose state. Those removed from the room housing SCP-1907 while in the aforementioned state consistently experience failure of all vital processes. Subjects will typically regain consciousness approximately sixty (60) minutes after their first interaction with the anomaly. The recovery time doubles with each interaction until the 4th interaction, at which point subjects gain control of when they regain consciousness after passing through SCP-1907.2

Prior to Incident-1907-Tau, instances of SCP-1907-A would become animate at random times when no living subjects were present within SCP-1907's chamber. These figures displayed behaviors out of human norm, such as verbally communicating via clicking and whistling, using their tongues to trace patterns on each others' skin, and self-disembowelment.3 SCP-1907-A have been observed to cease animation when a living subject enters into the area. Due to the apparently non-hostile nature of the object towards Foundation personnel and in order to further study behavior, all corpses are to remain within the chamber.4

Incident Report-1907-Tau: On 07/04/1989, during testing with the effects of repeated exposure to SCP-1907, the Class-D subject being used for testing regained consciousness at the expected time after her second exposure to the object and attempted to eat two nearby researchers before being forced back through SCP-1907. The subject's body was restrained and secured to the wall prior to the next time she regained consciousness. Attached is the interview log from the incident.

Interview Log-1907-Tau:

Interviewed: D-83435

Interviewer: Dr. Walter Floyd

Foreword: Due to a prior incident in which the subject exhibited aggressive and hostile behavior towards personnel, the subject's body was restrained in order to ensure the safety of on-site personnel. Interview commenced immediately following the awakening of the subject.

<Begin Log>

Floyd: Explain yourself.

D-83435: [dazed; this is apparently normal, as subjects are noted to usually be heavily disoriented upon regaining consciousness after passing through SCP-1907] What do you mean, Doctor? [Subject noticed restraints.] What's this?

Floyd: D-83435, you bit Agent Rhodes's and Preston's necks and attempted to eat them before I shoved you back through the portal. Don't you remember?

D-83435: [chuckles] I thought it felt different. It always does when I have to come back. Sorry for [snorting and hissing noise], by the way, I had no idea how he'd behave. I so too busy exploring everyone that I kinda just forgot about him. He didn't mean harm, really, he thought you were predators.

Floyd: [attempts to replicate noise]?

D-83435: [attempts to nod] Yeah, he wanted to see what my dimension was like. So, I thought, "Hey, why not let him just use my body?" 'S not like I wanted to go back yet or anything.

Floyd: I'm assuming that this was an entity from within the SCP-1907?

D-83435: 'S right. He was just curious, is all. He never meant any harm. [laughs] Hell, I don't think he even realizes what he did was wrong. He couldn't even tell what the hell was going on. I don't think his kind usually has eyes or ears. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't know why I keep referring to him with gender. [laughs] Old habits die hard, I suppose.

Floyd: [aside to Assistant Researcher Lagrange] Note the possibility of utilizing SCP-1907 for extradimensional exploration, along with increased security. [spoken to subject] Very well. Due to the incident that occurred earlier, I believe we are done testing for today. When we return to Site 23, you are to tell Mr. Andrews that Dr. Floyd requires you to directly report to Dr. Flanders in Wing 07. There, the validity of your statements will be examined.

D-83435: [pauses, looks confused] Huh? What do you mean we're done for today?

Floyd: Given the recent occurrence, I feel that it would be best if testing of the object is discontinued for today and resumed at a later date by a different subject.

D-83435: [panicked] No, please don't. I have to go back. I won't even show up again, you can burn this thing [Subject attempts to gesture towards her own body.], just please let me go back.

Floyd: As I said, testing is done for today. [aside to Assistant Researcher Lagrange] Please sedate the subject so that we can take her out of the restraints.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After subject was sedated and taken down from the wall, approximately ten (10) mostly intact instances of SCP-1907-A animated, separated her from Foundation personnel, and forced her through the archway. The corpses then assaulted and killed all personnel except for Assistant Researcher Lagrange,5 then passed through the archway and ceased animation. Containment procedures have been revised accordingly.

Addendum-1907-Upsilon: On 21/07/1989 during testing, a consciousness not belonging to that of the subject inhabited the body of D-46151 after the subject's first exposure to SCP-1907. Said consciousness referred to itself as "The Guide" and requested that Foundation personnel allow test subjects to pass through SCP-1907 at least four (4) times and that said subjects' corpses be left within the room. When denied, the subject expressed disapproval and claimed that "it's so much more troublesome to use the shells while the oysters are still in them," and reiterated its requests. Upon denial, the subject reportedly sighed then cried out. Agents Towns, Blakeney, and Whitney, and Researchers Faber and Scott began screaming for approximately ten (10) seconds before simultaneously ceasing, dropping to the floor, and exploring the ground with their fingers, licking and attempting to bite their surroundings, and flailing. Due to Assistant Researcher Lagrange's premature retreat from the scene, no further visual details are available. However, D-46151's audio device continued transmission. The following is the audio log taken from the event.

D-46151: Once again, I'm deeply sorry for the delay we've had, but we should be back on track now. Now, as you can tell, this world has stronger gravity than you're probably used to, so even with these healthy vehicles, it might be a little hard for you to stand up. Don't worry too much about it. [crunching] Sir, no, that's not food. We'll get to the food world later. [babbling] Haha, yes, it's always interesting to have a mouth. First time? [pause] Thought so. I have to admit, it's nice being able to talk out loud like this, but nothing really beats the connection in the Nexus, right? [Various sounds] Excellent. Well, I think I'll let you guys explore a bit now— Yes, those are eyes, don't panic, just get used to it— then we'll go back to the Hub. Hope you have had an excellent experience on World 234, Version 5.

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