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Item #: SCP-1905

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1905 is locked within a secure storage locker in the Site 83 anomalous weapon storage wing. Access to SCP-1905 is restricted according to standard anomalous firearm handling procedures. SCP-1905 is to be thoroughly cleaned before and after testing.

Description: SCP-1905 is a stopping rifle chambered for the .577 Tyrannosaur round. SCP-1905 lacks a serial number and possesses no manufacturing marks. The left side of SCP-1905’s stock has the phrases “Jur-ass-kick” and “Dino-sore” carved into it. When SCP-1905 is loaded and within 3 meters of an individual capable of firing it, an instance of SCP-1905-1 will spontaneously manifest relatively close to SCP-1905. SCP-1905 will misfire unless it is aimed directly at an instance of SCP-1905-1.

SCP-1905-1 instances are sentient beings physically resembling various animals of the clade Dinosauria. Instances of SCP-1905-1 have all displayed a high degree of hostility. At the time of writing, instances of SCP-1905-1 have been found to resemble over ██ different species of dinosaur in testing. All instances of SCP-1905-1 have resembled dinosaurs known to have existed in the Cretaceous Period; the majority of instances have been found to resemble either Tyrannosaurus rex or Triceratops horridus.

Instances of SCP-1905-1 are composed primarily of fiberglass and plaster; they show no abnormal resilience and cease function upon receiving sufficient amounts of damage to their infrastructure. A single shot from SCP-1905 will cause the immediate destruction of an instance of SCP-1905-1 regardless of where it makes contact with the object. If SCP-1905 is still loaded when an instance of SCP-1905-1 is destroyed, a new instance of SCP-1905-1 will materialize in close proximity to SCP-1905.

Recovery Log 1905: SCP-1905 was recovered in rural ████████ on ██/██/████. Foundation assets in the area traced several alleged “dinosaur sightings” to the residence of 24 year old ███ ██████. SCP-1905 was located inside of a barn near the corpse of Mr. ██████. An instance of SCP-1905-1 inside of the barn was engaged and destroyed by the retrieval team. The initial attempt to relocate SCP-1905 to Site 83 was unsuccessful (See Incident Report 1905-Alpha). SCP-1905 was recovered from the wreckage of the transport aircraft undamaged and successfully transported to Site 83.

Incident Report 1905-Alpha: During initial containment, retrieval staff neglected to unload SCP-1905 before storing it for transport to Site 83. Approximately 14 minutes after departing for Site 83, an instance of SCP-1905-1 manifested in the cockpit of the transport aircraft; control was lost shortly after, causing the plane to crash into a small wooded area. Information regarding the crash was successfully suppressed and SCP-1905 was recovered intact.

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