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Item #: SCP-1898

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: While in storage all instances of SCP-1898 are to be kept deconstructed and kept in their respective boxes. All instances of SCP-1898 are to be stored in Containment Room-1898 located on Site-██. Testing on any set/s of SCP-1898-A and SCP-1898-B requires permission from two Level 3 Personnel. Testing on a set of SCP-1898-C requires permission from two Level 3 Personnel and one Level 4 Personnel. MTF PI-31 (aka. 'Mobius Strips') are to be contacted if an instance of SCP-1898 is discovered.

Description: All instances of SCP-1898 are construction sets that can be used to make shapes that do not follow Euclidean geometry. The contents of each set vary in materials and shapes. The sets come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large (SCP-1898-A, SCP-1898-B and SCP-1898-C respectively). The Small and Medium sets are constructed like puzzles and the only difference is in the size, with Small sets able to build shapes up to 30cm high and Medium sets able to build shapes up to 10m high. The Large sets are bigger than the Small and Medium sets and are used to construct buildings. All sets can be disassembled and reassembled into a completely different shape. The packaging of each instance of SCP-1898 varies, but all of them are named 'Non Euclidean Dimensions' by the '███████████ Company', which does not exist in any registry, and so far has not been located.

The mechanism of how each set of SCP-1898 works is unknown. The pieces themselves are made from ordinary materials such as wood and metal, and no instructions are provided with any of the sets. During construction, the subject will put together and take apart various pieces; if asked about what they are trying to make, they will say that they are unsure. Given enough time, the subjects eventually produce a sculpture that should be impossible to make. The subjects have always insisted that they are unsure of how they managed to make it. Viewers watching the subject did not observe any abnormal behaviour, despite the anomalous result. Other than the shapes being impossible, there is nothing else anomalous with them and no abnormal effects have been witnessed in subjects either during or after tests.

The construction of the Large sets differs slightly in the sense that large groups of people and often construction machinery are needed. However, there is always one subject that decides where all the pieces go. Houses and buildings made from Large sets will have floors and furniture along the walls, looping corridors and infinite stairs. Despite gravity, people inside will be able to walk on whatever is classed as the floor and perform tasks normally.

The Foundation first became aware of SCP-1898 on ██/██/████ when Agent ███████████ reported a piece of public artwork in the town of [REDACTED] that was an impossible shape when looked at from any direction. Once confirmation had been made that it was anomalous, a retrieval team was sent to acquire the shape and learn its origin. The artist was tracked down and questioned. It was learnt that he had used a 'Non Euclidean Dimensions' construction set to make the shape and then sell it on to the town. The box was retrieved and Class-B amnestics were given to the artist. Since then, ███ more instances of SCP-1898 have been found across the world.

Addendum-1898-1: Attached SCP-1898 Photographs

Addendum-1898-2: Even though various public artwork may look like instances of SCP-1898, that does not mean that they are. Please check the shape in question thoroughly before calling it in. We don't have the resources to be running everywhere only to find out that they're just ordinary sculptures. - Doctor █████

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