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Item #: SCP-1894

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1894 is to be held in a secured garage, located within Site-77. It is to be kept in an unpowered state, with no battery. The tires have been removed, and placed in a non-anomalous storage facility located on-site. The fuel tank is to be continuously drained, and any reports of unusual weight loss reported to the supervising Level 3 administrator. Once per month, it is to be inspected for any signs of regrowth, and if any components have begun to appear, they are to be stripped.

Description: SCP-1894 is a mid-sized van, with vanity license plate, reading "CRSHCRS"1. All identifying marks, such as brand names or serial number, have been removed. It is capable of regenerating any damages to itself. Liquids usually required for running an automobile, such as coolant, have been replaced with bodily fluids such as fat, pus, and blood.

When active, SCP-1894 will move in an autonomous manner, driving itself to the nearest local "organic foods" store. This store must be locally owned; stores which are part of larger national chains are unaffected. Testing has shown that it will travel over 45 kilometers in order to reach its destination. Once it arrives, SCP-1894 will impact the storefront, and drive through the store. The vehicle will destroy as much of the store's product as possible, before exiting. Typically, SCP-1894 incidents will last fewer than twenty minutes. If approached by law enforcement officers during the incident, SCP-1894 will temporarily cease anomalous properties. In addition, SCP-1894 has been known to loiter in front of local coffee shops for 15-20 minutes before proceeding to its next destination.

If a subject is present within SCP-1894, their bodies will be affected anomalously. Once the subject exits SCP-1894, their bodies will be significantly more fit than it was at the time they entered SCP-1894. Testing has shown that SCP-1894 appears to use the subject's body fat as fuel, converting it to gasoline at a ratio of 2kg to 1 liter at a time.

Initially, repeated uses of SCP-1894 will have a consistently positive impact on the subject's body. However, once the subject's body mass index has reached the "normal" or "underweight" levels, SCP-1894 will begin to use the subject's internal organs to fuel itself. This is much less efficient, and can lead to the subject being killed after 14 minutes of being used as fuel. Subjects appear to be aware of this portion of SCP-1894's effect, and will attempt to steer SCP-1894 into locations besides health food stores, such as confectionery shops. This causes an extreme reversal of the effect, with subjects gaining weight at a tremendous speed. This, combined with the internal organ damage previously noted, can result in the subject's death. Should the subject survive, SCP-1894's effect will return to its previous state, until their BMI levels reach the aforementioned state.

SCP-1894 was recovered on 9/18/1976, from a farmer's market in Atlanta, GA, USA. The vehicle had smashed through watermelon, orange grove, and general produce stands before obliterating a trailer. The vehicle was vacant. After testing, SCP-1894 was contained and witnesses were given Class-C amnestics. A cover story involving an inebriated and disgruntled farmer has been disseminated to the general public.

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