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Item #: SCP-1891

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1891 is currently contained in an isolated location located next to Gallery 27. SCP-1891 is to be contained in a 50cm x 50cm wall-mounted case. All personnel of Level 2 or above clearance are free to view SCP-1891 at their leisure.

No paintings are to be brought into SCP-1891’s containment area without authorisation from one (1) member of Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-1891 is a 40cm x 40cm painting depicting a stooped humanoid figure. This humanoid figure is clothed in what appears to be a mass of various construction tools, such as wrenches and hammers.

A signature on the bottom right corner of the canvas indicates that the painting is titled "Constructeur", and that it was produced by a "Marco Saul". Records show that an individual by this name was born in 1455, but their date of death does not exist in any records from that time.

When any painting is brought into the same structure as SCP-1891, the subject matter of the painting will be converted into representations of large industrial machines. These machines are usually large-scale and do not appear to have any visible function.

This conversion begins with the humanoid figure disappearing from SCP-1891 and reappearing within the depicted scene. Throughout the conversion process this humanoid figure will be visible maintaining and repairing machines created by SCP-1891 conversion.

SCP-1891's conversion occurs in five (5) minute 'shifts'. Every five (5) minutes the affected painting's image will change to one depicting a further state of conversion in the subject matter.

Represented machines created by SCP-1891 conversions will typically expand until they fill the whole painting. After this point, minor expansion will be visible in the represented machine, but it will largely remain in a constant state.

Machines represented by affected images have possessed:

• Walkways
• Pipes
• Pistons
• Gears
• Tanks containing a variety of liquids
• Tubes
• Chimneys
• Furnaces

This is not an exhaustive list, and other aspects of represented machines have been noted and recorded. When paintings affected by SCP-1891 are destroyed, the humanoid figure returns to SCP-1891.

Conversion Log 1891-1: The following is a record of a SCP-1891 conversion. Image used is an ink-and-watercolor painting of a woman sitting in a field, created by Dr ██████. The sun is visible over the horizon.

00:00: Log begins. No noticeable change in photograph.

00:05: Slight decomposition is noticeable in the left side of the depicted woman’s face.

00:10: The left side of the depicted woman’s face has completely decomposed, revealing several furnaces and water tanks. The woman's left eye appears to have been replaced with an inflating membrane. An arm, possibly that of SCP-1891's humanoid entity, is visible turning a valve.

00:15: The depicted woman’s head has been completely replaced by a large mass of screens, pipes, gears and furnaces. Minor conversion is noted on the chest and neck. What was previously the woman's hair is now a mass of wires which stretch to the edge of the frame. Electricity is visible travelling along these wires. SCP-1891's humanoid entity is visible maintaining a furnace in the mass of machinery.

00:20: The depicted woman’s ribs are visible and appear to have been converted into a series of walkways, along which SCP-1891's humanoid entity is moving. The heart of the depicted woman has been converted into a large mass of tubes and screens. An unidentified yellow liquid is visible running to several points into what was previously the woman's head through these tubes.

00:25: Depicted woman has been completely replaced by a large mass of machinery. Several chimneys located in what was formerly the woman’s back are releasing steam. Several drills present along what was previously the depicted woman's arm appear to be digging through the depicted field.

00:30: All clouds in the painting have been converted into spherical membranes which are illuminating the depicted scene using large spotlights. Several of these spherical membranes appear to have landed on what was previously the depicted woman's head. Tubes containing the previously mentioned yellow liquid are running into these membranes.

00:35: All grass depicted in SCP-1891 appears to be pointing directly upwards. Primary mass of machinery has expanded significantly and several 'claws' located on what was previously the depicted woman's right leg appear to be extracting rocks from the ground.

00:40: Grass appears to have been converted into green ‘wires’, which stretch to the top of the image. Electricity is visible running along these wires. Inside the mass of machinery, SCP-1891's humanoid entity is visible placing the previously mentioned ore into a canister.

00:45: Mass of machinery has expanded to fill the whole sketch. The depicted sun appears to have been converted into a large, glowing membrane which is connected to the primary mass of machinery through a series of wires. Sketch is removed from SCP-1891’s presence. Log ends.

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