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Item #: SCP-1884

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1884-A is to reside in a low-security residential chamber at Bio Site-59. Due to SCP-1884-A's physical disabilities, a Level-1 caretaker is to assist with SCP-1884-A's daily activities, such as feeding and dressing.

SCP-1884-B is to be kept in a standard containment chamber, also at Bio Site-59. As SCP-1884-B neither requires food nor produces biological waste material, typical weekly chamber cleaning is not necessary. However, SCP-1884-B requires bimonthly grooming to prevent accidental self-inflicted injury from its nails.

To ensure SCP-1884-A and SCP-1884-B's continued cooperation in testing, SCP-1884-A is permitted to enter SCP-1884-B's containment chamber once a week for no more than four hours. These sessions are to be overseen by a minimum of two security personnel and recorded for research purposes.

Description: SCP-1884-A is a blind female human of Albanian descent, aged 68 as of 03/11/████. SCP-1884-A has no hands; instead, its forearms are joined together where the wrist joints are typically located. There is extensive scarring on SCP-1884-A's body, primarily on the upper back. SCP-1884-A claims that its injuries were the result of poor treatment in captivity prior to containment. SCP-1884-A is proficient in Albanian, Cantonese, English, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Modern Standard Arabic, and has rudimentary knowledge of Hindi, Portugese, Spanish, and Swahili.

SCP-1884-B is a single living organism composed of 932 hands attached at the wrist to a central mass of oblong flesh. 929 of the hands are identical, consistent in appearance with the hands of an elderly female and bearing genetic similarities with SCP-1884-A. The remaining 3 appendages appear to belong to an adolescent human male, an adult human female, and a Bengal tiger, respectively. SCP-1884-B's skin is of the same thickness as that of a human's, but substantially more durable and resistant to minor injury. Every 8 to 10 months, SCP-1884-B will moult, shedding its skin in a reptile-like manner. SCP-1884-B is docile if unprovoked; however, if one or more of its hands is intentionally severed/significantly damaged by an organism possessing hands or similar appendages, SCP-1884-B will retaliate by using its nails to sever its aggressor's hand (or equivalent thereof), which will then be integrated into its anatomy.

SCP-1884-A and SCP-1884-B share a strong telepathic connection. Anything felt by SCP-1884-A is also felt by SCP-1884-B, and vice versa. Extensive testing has shown that despite the mental link, SCP-1884-B is independently sapient and capable of interacting with Foundation personnel even when SCP-1884-A is heavily sedated or similarly incapacitated. The relationship between the two entities is symbiotic: SCP-1884-A uses SCP-1884-B in a manner comparable to a seeing eye dog, utilizing SCP-1884-B's sense of touch to form a mental image of its surroundings; likewise, SCP-1884-A shares auditory information with SCP-1884-B and acts as its mouthpiece, verbally relaying thoughts and requests.

SCP-1884 came to the Foundation's attention after attempting to check into a hotel in █████, United Arab Emirates, at 3:41 AM. According to the report written by local law enforcement, SCP-1884-A attempted to barter the jewelry it was carrying in exchange for lodging. When the receptionist declined the offer, SCP-1884-B entered through a nearby window and approached the receptionist aggressively, despite discouragement from SCP-1884-A. After the receptionist fled, SCP-1884-B reportedly stole a room key from the front desk. Foundation agents in the area intercepted the receptionist's emergency phone call and discovered SCP-1884-A and SCP-1884-B in a single-person hotel room. The two were recovered without incident.

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