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Item #: SCP-1878

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each manifestation of SCP-1878 should be neutralised by the timely execution of procedure B-04 "Milkround" by assigned operatives. In general an instance of SCP-1878 will appear daily. Procedure B-04 is performed as follows.

  • At 0445 hrs, assigned operatives must ensure that a Foundation-operated truck (LGV) is in place at the intersection between Alberts Rd. and Downsfield Rd. The truck must block the road entirely.
  • At 0500 hrs, SCP-1878 should attempt to turn onto Alberts Rd. from Downsfield Rd. If the truck is positioned correctly SCP-1878 will be unable to continue and will halt. After SCP-1878 has stopped, it should be disabled by disconnection of its battery located underneath the payload platform of the vehicle.
  • At approximately 0505 hrs, SCP-1878 and its contents should be loaded into the truck and taken immediately to Site-52 for incineration unless otherwise instructed.

Any deviation from the expected behaviour or contents of SCP-1878 should be reported to Dr. Clarke (see addendum).

Description: Instances of SCP-1878 outwardly appear to be standard unmarked milk floats (a battery-operated platform truck). Associated with each instance of SCP-1878 is its humanoid driver (designated SCP-1878-1) and its payload of a milk-like substance (designated SCP-1878-2). Despite extensive surveys of the area around Alberts Rd. (located in █████, England), the point of origin of SCP-1878 has yet to be determined.

SCP-1878's steering wheel is non-functional, and it does not possess pedals or an instrument panel. However, it has only been observed to move when SCP-1878-1 is in the driver's seat. It is unclear whether the vehicle is capable of autonomous movement. SCP-1878's wheels are powered by a single battery connected to electric motors.

SCP-1878-1 is an entity which appears to be a human male approximately 40 to 50 years in age. While SCP-1878-1 is externally indistinguishable from a normal human, its internal anatomy and genetics seem to be significantly simpler (further details available in medical report 1878-A). In general, instances of SCP-1878-1 do not display signs of intelligence and do not respond to external stimuli - with some exceptions. When seated in SCP-1878, SCP-1878-1 remains mostly static and faces directly ahead.

SCP-1878-2 is a substance similar to milk in appearance and viscosity. When being transported by SCP-1878 it is always stored in unmarked glass bottles with aluminium foil lids. While SCP-1878-2 usually contains lipids and polypeptides (these often include non-standard amino acids), they are unlike those found in milk from any known animal. Consumption of the liquid is described as unpleasant but is generally not known to be dangerous; experiments into the effects of long-term consumption have found that while SCP-1878-2 is generally safe to consume, doing so often leads to digestive issues. The exact composition of SCP-1878-2 changes on a regular basis.

If an instance of SCP-1878 is not neutralised it will proceed to deliver SCP-1878-2 to all houses along Alberts Rd. (located in █████, England) occupied by a family with at least one child under the age of twelve (17 households as of ██-██-████). One bottle of SCP-1878-2 will be placed outside the door for each current occupant of each house. SCP-1878 drives between houses, and SCP-1878-1 physically delivers SCP-1878-2 to the doorstep of a given household (this is generally the only time SCP-1878-1 is observed to move). SCP-1878-1 will also collect and return to the vehicle all emptied milk bottles left outside the door of any households it visits.

Addendum 1878-A:

The following is an abridged list of significant deviations from normal behaviour and contents of SCP-1878 with associated date.

██-██-1991: Failure of procedure B-04. SCP-1878-2 was delivered to 22 households, of the 18 individuals who ingested SCP-1878-2, 14 reported stomach complaints and 1 was hospitalised with severe diarrhoea.

██-██-1995: SCP-1878 did not manifest for 13 days.

██-██-1995: SCP-1878 stopped in front of the Foundation truck used for procedure B-04, paused for several seconds and reversed a distance of approximately one metre.

██-██-2002: SCP-1878 arrived without its payload of SCP-1878-2.

██-██-2005: SCP-1878 crashed into the Foundation truck used for procedure B-04, damaging itself.

██-██-2005: SCP-1878 did not manifest for 3 days; when it next arrived, its payload of SCP-1878-2 appeared to have spoiled.

██-██-2007: All samples of SCP-1878-2 tested were found to be heavily contaminated with unknown unicellular organisms. Testing is ongoing.

██-██-2008: SCP-1878 did not manifest for 17 days.

██-██-2008: SCP-1878-1 turned to face operative █████ when it was approached and maintained eye contact for the duration of procedure B-04.

██-██-2009: Failure of procedure B-04. SCP-1878-2 was delivered to 16 households, none of the 12 individuals who ingested SCP-1878-2 reported any ill-effects.

██-██-2011: SCP-1878-1 turned to face operative ████████ and vocalised when it was approached as part of procedure B-04. Its vocalisations were unintelligible.

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