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Item#: 1861-J
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Item #: SCP-1861-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The original SCP-1861-J manuscript is to be maintained within a climate-controlled filer suitable for preserving 1700s parchment. Approved instances of SCP-1861-J-1 are to be stored for immediate access on all Foundation distributed media players and sound systems where activation does not conflict with other special containment procedures.

In the case of all Keter-class containment and Movie 43-class morale failures, an instance of SCP-1861-J-1 is to be immediately activated within audible reach of all involved Foundation personnel.1 Repetition of the SCP-1861-J-1 instance is to occur up to 12 times or until the failure is resolved. Should the failure not be resolved by the conclusion of 12 repetitions of an SCP-1861-J-1 instance, Plan 1861-J-9 is to be engaged.

Description: SCP-1861-J is the Foundation’s instrumental march or anthem, titled █████ ██ ████████ and composed by Frantisek Kotzwara in 1791.2 SCP-1861-J was discovered in the Foundation’s archives by Foundation personnel in 1947, contained in a manila envelope3 with the dedication “To My Dearest Friends at the Foundation.” It is unknown when SCP-1861-J originally came into the Foundation’s possession, or how Mr. Kotzwara was aware of the organization.

SCP-1861-J was made the Foundation’s official march in 1953 by order of the O5 Council.4

Whenever an instance of SCP-1861-J-1, an audio or audiovisual production or recording of such a production of SCP-1861-J, is heard by Foundation personnel, an almost immediate change in emotional and behavioral character is observed. The effects of SCP-1861-J-1 instances include:

  • Increased positivity of mood.
  • Greater job productivity.
  • Tendency to vocalize alongside SCP-1861-J.5
  • Increased opinion of the Foundation
  • Decreased concern of job-related expiration.

These effects experience diminishing returns with each immediate repetition of SCP-1861-J-1 instances.

No anomalous activity has been noted with SCP-1861-J directly, nor with reproductions in writing or in photographs. However, Foundation personnel who simply imagine instances of SCP-1861-J-1 experience similar, but reduced, forms of the aforementioned effects.

Notes: “There are no official lyrics to accompany the Foundation’s march. Any lyrics provided by Dr. Bright are to be disregarded by Foundation personnel as possible memetic hazards.” ⁠—O5-█

Addendum 1861-J-A: List of Known SCP-1861-J-1 Instances

Addendum 1861-J-B: Transcript Log 1861-J-20██1108

Addendum 1861-J-C: Plan 1861-J-9

Beatings will proceed until morale, or containment, improves.

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